Stock Themes

Modern | Classic

Each Custom Vantage Web website includes stock themes. These include several colors and 2 different layouts in which to choose. We’ve designed 2 different layouts, a Modern Theme layout and a Classic Theme layout. Each layout contains 10 different colors.

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2 Layouts | Many Options

We’ve created 2 different stock layout options for you. Modern gives you a colorful pop with a gradient background and top menu bar. While Modern is sleek, Classic gives you stripes and a subtle, unique background gradient behind your logo within the header area. Each stock layout gives you 10 colors to choose from, totaling 20 stock theme options.

Choosing your theme can be a difficult task, it is the face of your website after all. Custom Vantage Web makes that task easy with a built in feature that allows you to flip through a preview of your homepage, with your custom content before selecting a theme. This feature allows you to consider your logo with the varying color themes. If you don’t find a theme that works for you, please consider giving us a call! We are able to design and build custom themes that fit your business’ style.

Please contact us for more information at 803-724-3868.