Version 12

Status Tracking # Description
Release Version: 12.45.0922.2022

Fixed  6559 Duplicating an order which contains a blended kit as part of it will no longer warning message.
Fixed  6561 Group reports will now print even if ther is no “preview”.
Fixed  6562 For orders that pre-dated the new Payment Link. When receiving a payment, CVO will no longer throw the “Conversion from DBNull to String” error.
Fixed  6563 Web payment URL will no longer be created for all invoices when doing the batch process unless the “Online Payment” check box is checked.
Release Version: 12.35.0831.2022

Added  6555 Added automatic web payment links when invoices are created via Batch Process Orders. Also added new buttons on the Start Menu for Batch Process Order to Invoice and Get Online Payments. The Get Online Payments button wil retrieve all payments made to invoices online as of button click time. You no longer have to get online payments on each individual invoice.
Fixed  6554 Online Payment link no longer crashes CVO if invoice Amount is $0.00.
Fixed  6557 Changing a customer ID no longer causes a crash if the customer id is not in the EBizCharge portal.
Updated  6558 Modified the CVO import process so that when the CV Web orders are imported into CVO, it checks to see if the customer PO # is present for the same customer. If so, theinformation that is displayed in the post import report screen.
Release Version: 12.25.0823.2022

***This update requires a Database update to dbv76 ***

Updated  N/A Updated the following reports:

  • Work Order By Production Type
  • Order Detail/Customization [Fixed spelling and details box]
  • Customer Statement Summary [removed confusing data]
  • Work Order [CVW security fix]
  • Invoice Detail Specs [Changed Fonts and added payment link]
  • Invoice Detail [Changed Fonts and added payment link]
  • Invoice [Changed Fonts, added billing phone number and added payment link]
  • Customer Proof [fix page count]
  • Order Details [fix page count]
  • Order Packing Slip [Changed Fonts]
  • Order [Changed Fonts]
  • Customer Proof – Response [Changed Fonts]
  • A/R Aging Summary [Changed Fonts]
  • A/R Aging Detail [Changed Fonts]
  • Customer Statement Detail [Changed Fonts]


Added  6536 Added the abiklity to have a payment link on an invoice. This will allow the invoice recipient to click on a link and pay the invoice online. This feature only available when using the EBizCharge payment option.
Added  6551 When editing a customer record, under the tools menu, there is now a new “Sync Ebiz Token” button. Pressing this button will Sync customer tokens with EBizCharge customer portal. This feature only available when using the EBizCharge payment option.
Updated  6550 When the customer account number is changed, CVO now checks to see if there are any eBiz tokens and if so, updates the customer id that is stored in the online portal.
Fixed  6545 Fixed the problem of crashing when adding a new customer through the customer wizard.
Fixed  6553 EBizCharge is now passing PO Number when making a payment directly on an order or invoice.
Fixed  6547 The [[CustomerPO]] token is now being parsed out when e-mailing orders and invoices.
Fixed  6548 If customer special pricing is set up, the “Modified Descriptioon” is now being used on orders and invocies.
Release Version: 12.20.0804.2022

Fixed  5503 Sales rep now stays populated when you add a sales rep. to a new customer and change tabs befor closing the customer form.
Fixed  6539 Improved memory usage for larger report printing. This should fix out of memory issue after multi-printing.
Fixed  6540 Fixed the issue where after emailing an Invoice and then emailing an order Proof, of a different order number, the subject line from the previously emailed invoice is now cleared.
Updated  6538 Added space around the “Designer” button, to make it less likely to hit it when trying to close the screen.
Release Version: 12.15.0727.2022

Updated  6534 Corrected the UPS SurePost mappings in CVO to ShipRush. The valid options are:

  • UPS SurePost Less than 1 lb
  • UPS SurePost 1 lb or Greater
  • UPS SurePost BPM
  • UPS First Class Mail
  • UPS Priority Mail
  • UPS Expedited Mail Innovations
Release Version: 12.10.0719.2022

Fixed  6533 When using quick find on invoices, an error is no longer thrown If the invoice number does not exist.
Fixed  N/A CVO no longer crashes when adding new customore via the New Customer Wizard. This was happening at the zip code field.
Updated  N/A Tab order corrected on credit card input screen.
Release Version: 12.05.0707.2022

***This update requires a Database update to dbv75 ***

Fixed  5520 Fixed the issue causing the inability to print multiple detail checks at one time. This fix does not affect custom check reports, only stock check reports.
Fixed  5521 Report Layout RPX files can now be properly imported.
Fixed  5516 Fixed assests manager no longer crashes when adding a new fixed asset.
Fixed  6516 The Mark one order as imported utility tool now works properly.
Updated  5517 When adding a new credit card to a customer you will now have the option to change the AVS address and zip code for the card, otherwise the billing address address information is still used. The Option for AVS checking must be turned on in the credit card settings.
Updated  6517 Added easy access buttons to the report viewer for Print, Email, PDF export, Excel export and Close functions.
Updated  5523 The credit card token now updates for each customer record when toggling through multiple customers ant once.
Updated  6518 Report designer now opens in full screen mode automatically.
Updated  REPORTS Updated the following reports:

  • Work Order By Production Type (TOTAL redesign and handled NULL production type names and Added Customer Messages)
  • Customer Payment Receipt (Clean up alignment and field length)
  • Order Detail/Customization (Added Order status indicator)
  • Order Details (Added Order status indicator)
  • Order Description (Added Order status indicator)
  • Work Order (Added Order status indicator)
  • Order (Added Order status indicator)
  • Voucher Check Detail Split (fixed crash on multiple check printing at the same time)

Updated the folowing data sources:

  • Inventory List By Item No (Added filter for Production Type)
  • Sales Totals By Customer (Added fields tblARCustomerContact.strEmail, tblARCustomer.strIndustryCode, tblARCustomer.strDepartment, tblARCustomer.strCustomerCode, tblARInvoice.strShipToLastName, tblARInvoice.strShipToID)
Added  6519 Now when you process an order to a dropship PO and the line item description is NOT the same as the inventory item description, the system will now use the custom description from the order and use it, rather than the PO description on the drop ship PO.
Release Version: 12.00.0509.2022

Updated  xxxx Upgraded the CVO reports engine to fix memory issues. This new upgrade will reduce out of memory issues related to large volume report generation. WARNING! You must have Windows .Net Framework 4.7.2 installed prior to installing this update.
Version 11
Status Tracking # Description

Added  5482 Added an option to allow batches to be created in Corel Draw which alighn objects into columns rather than nesting. When editing a layout you can now select the “Use Columns” check box to enable this feature. This is only available in Corel version 2018 and higher.
Added  5498 Added the ability to use a magnetic stipe reader to the EBizCharge credit card option.
Updated  5499 The CVV number is no longer required even if the CVV code is turned on for EBizCharge processing.

Added  5497 Added suppport for Corel Draw version 2022.
This release ends support for Corel Draw version 2017 and below.

***This update requires a Database update to dbv74 ***

Updated  Reports Updated 10 Reports

  • Order Detail/Customization – Changed label “Customer PO” to “PO Number” and add image security
  • Work Order By Production Type – Added Order Status and add image security
  • Customer Proof – add image security
  • Run Cards – add image security
  • Customer Proof – Response – add image security
  • Order Packing Slip Detail/Customization – add image security
  • Order Packing Slip – add image security
  • Invoice Detail Specs – Changed label “Customer PO” to “PO Number”
  • Invoice Detail – Changed label “Customer PO” to “PO Number”
  • Invoice – Changed label “Customer PO” to “PO Number”

Added 1 New Report

  • Barcoded Production Labels – This can be found under Sales Order section of the report manager
Fixed  5479 If pricing levels have been re-named to words, when a new customer is added, pricing levels no longer default to the value of “1”.
Fixed  5476 Fixed the issue which caused AMEX CVV to always fail.
Fixed  5480 On the advanced search screen the column headers are now displaying properly.
Fixed  5485 Fixed the issue where a user can not select token when using EBizCharge while trying to pay for an order. This only happened if the company file had never been setup on Vantiv/Worldpay.
Fixed  5484 Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘String’ is not valid. error on the Proofing screen has been fixed.
Fixed  5486 Quotes are no longer missing [strProductionTypeName] which caused orders to not work properly for automated production routines.
Added  5459 Added the ability to duplicate line items within an order.
Added  5483 Added a way to approve all items on an order from the proofing screen under the production tab. Only items on order which have a line item status of “Typeset” will be updated.
Added  5477 Added a new option under Utilities to mark an individual line item as complete using the unique line ited ID number.

Updated  5468 & 5474 Completed integration of EBizCharge for communication between CVO and CVW based web sites.
Updated  7470 When CVO creates a corel draw file, we now use Corel’s default resolution.
Fixed  5465 When batching using CorelDraw 2021 and a 2nd page is created, items now properly go onto the page instead of piling up on page one.
Fixed  5469 & 5471 When add a new credit card token is generated using vantiv/worldpay the token was not begin saved with the processor identified.
Version 10


Fixed  5466 Orders imported from CVW are now storing the credit card token correctly.
Fixed  5467 We have corrected the issue causing the spacing on batches to be too far apart. NOTE: This change means that you may have to edit your Flat Layouts templates to accomodate the changes.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv73 ***

Updated  Reports

Updated 17 Reports:

  • Work Order Updated Retail prices for kit items & Change notes position to keep column labels near items, Phone number formating
  • Order Acknowledgment Updated Retail prices for kit items
  • Order Detail/Customization Updated Retail prices for kit items, Phone number formating, hide created and imported by when blind ship
  • Order Description Updated Retail prices for kit items, Phone number formating
  • Order Updated Retail prices for kit items, Phone number formating
  • Order Details Updated Retail prices for kit items
  • Invoice Detail Updated Retail prices for kit items
  • Invoice Updated Retail prices for kit items
  • Invoice Detail Specs Updated Retail prices for kit items
  • Work Order By Production Type Updated Multiple Changes, Phone number formating
  • Order Packing Slip Detail/Customization Updated Phone number formating
  • Customer Proof Updated Phone number formating
  • Customer Proof – Response Updated Phone number formating
  • Sales Summary By Item Number Updated Add dollar sign to extension
  • Inventory Warehouse Stock Updated Added Qty On Order and Allocated
  • Run Cards Updated Change to customer name
  • Customer List Updated Removed Invoices

Updated 12 Report Data Sources:

  • Customer List, Customer List By State, Prospect Notes, Customer Letter, Customer Data, Customer History, Customer Type, Customer List By Sales Rep, Prospect List, and Prospect Data Added Department, Industry Code, Worker Code, Source, Status, Title, Customer Type fields to filter
  • Sales Total By Line Items Added Customer ID to Report Criteria
    (for Sales Summary By Item Number report)
  • Inventory Stock by Warehouse Added Quantity On Order and Allocated

Update Database Vue:

  • vyu_SMRptSalesOrder Added Production Type
Updated  5434 Added Updated By, Last Owner and Created By to the order screen as read only fields.
Updated  5447 Increased the height of the combo box drop downs to better display data contained within them.
Updated  5451 If Remember User Name on next login is checked for a user, the login screen now starts in the Password field instead of the User field.
Updated  5454 Advanced search and Saved Searches screens now properly fit the sceen.
Added  5453 Printing of multiple invoices can now print to a single PDF by choosing Print Combined Report from the invoice search window printer button.
Added  5354

Added EBizCharge Integrated Payments as a new payment processor for both Custom Vantage Office and Custom Vantage Web. This new processor will be available for activation in February 2022.EBizCharge offers competitive rates for processing.  Another advantage of the EBizCharge platform is that we will eventually allow CVO invoices, which you email to your customers, to have links on them allowing your customer to click the link and make a payment to their account online via debit or credit card.  We are very excited!

Please note:  If you are using tokenized payments in CVO, switching to the new EBizCharge processor will require re-entry of customer credit card data because the tokenization is not compatible with the FIS WorldPay/Vantiv tokens.

Added  5354 Added new EBizCharge credit card processor to CVO and CVW. This new feature will allowcustomers to pay their bills online in a future CVO update.
Added  5462 Added a new filter drop down to the proofing screen which will allow filtering for specific production types in the proofing process.
Added  5461 Typeset items from orders which are on hold will not be placed on a batch.
Fixed  5449 Fixed the problem which would sometimes cause a crash if deleting a single order.
Fixed  5457 Report groups will now print if the preview is off.
Fixed  5464 Adding a manual tracking number on invoice will no longer throw an error.


Fixed  5433 Fixed the issue causing new invoices not to be savable.


Added  5425 The last owner is now displayed on the screen when viewing an order.
Fixed  5426 When creating a flat, the page black background now works even if cut lines are not selected. This fix only applied to Corel version 2017 and higher
Updated  5427 Field strUserUpdated is now being updated.
Updated  5429 The audit log is now being updated if someone change the Ship Date on an order.
Updated  5430 The Phone Number Utility now updates the billing and shipping phone fields of an order.
Updated  5431 On orders, billing and shipping phone numbers are now stored unformated.
Updated  5432 On orders, shipping phone numbers are no longer automatically prefixed with a number 1 when saved.


Updated  5418 Added a feature to the multi-package shipping screen that will include the last entered package data even if one forgets to click on the Add button.
Fixed  5419 USPS Flat rate padded envelope configuration in the Ship Via ShipRush settings now works properly.
Fixed  5420 Fedex changed the tracking URL for packages which caused CVO to fail to display tracking information for orders shipped via FedEx. This function has been restored in CVO.


Fixed  5408 Signature Tags now work on manual emails if tags are in the signature file.
Fixed  5412 Production Type is now populated to OESalesOrderDetail when item is a kit.
Fixed  5416 When hitting SHFT+Ship button for bulk shipping, the QTY box is now cleared after clicking the ADD button.
Updated  5414 An audit log entry is now created on ownership change of an order. Look for keyword of “Ownership”.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv72 ***

Updated  Reports

Updated the following reports:

  • Sales Summary By Item Number – Corrected for Unit of Measure
  • Deposit Ticket – Added total items count in deposit
  • Deposit Ticket Top – Added total items count in deposit

Updated the following data sources:

  • Sales Total By Line Items – Corrected for Unit of Measure
Updated  5338 The Fill Backorder Screen no longer shows Voided Orders.
Updated  5378 The undeposited funds screen now shows the card type for paid orders imported from CVW based web sites.
Fixed  5394 The [[strCustomerPO]] tag for emails in the batch posting routine was fixed to properly insert the customer PO number.
Fixed  5395 When using CVO to update data to products on the web and more than one product is open for editing in CVO, we now properly clear settings between to open item to avoid updating the wrong data into CVW.
Fixed  5406 The Find Line Items tool on the Purchase Order lookup screen now properly searches vendors rather than customers.
Added  5405 The CVO Ship Via configurations now allow the selection of flat rate packages from USPS for use in the ShipRush integration.


Fixed  5390 When adding a new customer with the New Customer Wizard, the tabbing order is now correct for the email field.
Fixed  5391 Autoset now works with Corel X3 again.
Fixed  5392 The “object reference not set to an instance of an object” when a non-existing order is entered in QuickShip has been fixed. CVO now shows a message stating that the order number does not exist and tells the user to check the order number.
Fixed  5393 The error when using a non-US Culture date with shiprush has been corrected. CVO now correctly handles the date format of DD/MM/yyyy when updating the shipping line items of an order.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv71 ***

Updated  Reports

Updated the following reports:

  • Items Sold By Category – Added Unit of Measure
  • Quote – Added discounting calculations
  • Quote Detail – Added discounting calculations
  • Deposit Ticket – Changed to dtmDate instead of System Date
  • Deposit Ticket Top – Changed to dtmDate instead of System Date

Updated the following data sources:

  • Items Sold By Category – Added Unit of Measure
  • Deposit Tickets – Added dtmDate
Updated  5381 Increased the size of field strDetailNotes on table tblAPBillDetail from 255 characters to 4,000 characters so that it matches the PO Purchase detail field.
Added  5379 Added a new Fix/Delete Bad Payments tool to the utilities menu.
Added  5389 Added a new tool to the utilities menu to remove wrongly created “-01” Invoices.
Fixed  5382 Reminders issue: The ellipse button now opens the correct Reminder when clicked so it will now alarming correctly.
Fixed  5387 The issue of purchase orders not showing the vendor part number has been fixed.
Fixed  5388 On the rare occasion when an .eps file is not importable CVO will now import using a different method. This fix only applies to CorelDraw versions 2017-2021.
Fixed  5340 When a quote is converted to an order the system now set the order creator to the user that converts it not the user that created the quote.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv70 ***

Updated  N/A Added stored procedures missing from dbv69.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv69 ***

Updated  N/A Added stored procedures missing from dbv68, one of which caused an error when converting an order to a purchase order.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv68 ***

Added  5349 Added the ability to add attachments under the company setup window
Added  5364 Added the ability to update CVO inventory items from a CVW web site. This feature is under the System > Utilities menu and then the Tools tab. Custom Vantatge Office / Web Sync
Added  5374 Added UPS Mail Innovations and SurePost methods to the ShipRush interface. The Ship Via ShipRush Service drop downs now have the new methods available. If you plan on using the new methods you MUST make sure they are enabled in the ShipRush application Under Settings.
Fixed  5365 Corrected the discrepancy between the inventory details backorder quantity and the backorder screen quantity. Details will now display the correct data.
Fixed  5367 The New Receive Payments start menu shortcut now works properly.
Fixed  5372 CVO will no longer crash if you press the Undo button on an unsaved order.


Fixed  5368 Fixed the web prices update problem which was caused by single quotes in a SKU. The presence of single quotes in the item part number caused the update to stop unexpectedly.
Reminder: Item SKUs (part numbers) should never have special characters in them


Updated  5363 Added support for CorelDraw version 2020 and 2021.
Reminder: We no longer support CorelDraw versions prior to 2017. This provides support for versions 6 years old and newer.
Added  5350 Added the ability to find orders and invoice by shipping carrier tracking number. Under the Find Line Items button there is now a new field to seach by tracking number.


Fixed  5352 The new [[TrackingNumbers]] tag used in the batch posting email body now properly shows the tracking number only once in the automatic emails.
Fixed  5360 Email monitor no longer crashes if there are no emails in the list.
Fixed  5359 Quick Find (shift+Find) functionality no longer errors out with a “System.OverflowException – Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.” message when the cntID is bigger than 32k.
Added  5356

Added Quick Find (holding the SHIFT key while clicking the icon button) functionality to the following places on the start menu:

  • Customer Quotes
  • Prospect Quotes
  • Customers
  • Prospects



***This update requires a Database update to dbv67 ***

Updated  Reports

Updated several reports and data sources.

  • Order – Added Production Type
  • Inventory Value On Hand – Fixed inventory quantity error and added Company Name
  • Order Acknowledgment – Added End User PO Number
  • Order Packing Slip – Hide sales rep on Blind Ship
Updated   Updated the Inventory Value On Hand report. Fixed inventory quantity error and added Company Name.
Updated   Added new Work Order by Production Type report. This report will create separate pages per production type for the order for which it is priinted.
Updated  5346 The minimum order quantity message is no longer displayed on the Purchase Receipt form.
Updated  5353 When type setting a line item, from an order imported from CVW based web site, finished artwork is now added to Corel Draw when using AutoSet.
Fixed  5332 Selecting an alternate vendor on drop ship from an order now selects the correct alternate vendor’s ProductID.
Added  4270 In the Utilities menu there is a new button, under the Inventory tab, to launch a utility to check for items within kit components that are themselves kit items.
Added  5356 Added Quick Find to order and invoice lookup. Holding the SHIFT key while clicking the Find button from an order or invoice or holding the SHIFT key while clicking the Order or Invoice button icon from the start menu will now pop a new box which will allow you to scan an order/invoice number or manually enter the full order or invoice number (Example OE-12345). This will allow you to retreive an order or invoice much more quickly because you will not have to wait for the standard order or invoice search windows to populate. This is similar to the Quick Ship function.
Added  5358 Added audit trial to the email monitor.
Updated  5324 Replaced PinEdit throughout CVO with a new WYSIWYG editor.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv66 ***

Updated  5330 Make the Allocatecolumn label stand out of the Fill Backorders form. This is found under the Sales Menu at the TOP and then choose Fill Back Order.
Updated  5331 When doing a customer lookup, if only a single customer is returned hitting the enter key will now open that customer record.
Updated  5332 When creating a drop ship order from an order, the correct alternate vendor sku is now used if the alternate vender is chosen for the order.
Updated  5333 Creation of new orders is no recorded in the audit trail.
Added  5334

Variables are now able to be used on the Batch Posting automatic emails.Variables available for the Message Body:
[[CtrlNum]] (Replaced by Order number or Invoice number)

Variables available for the Subject
[[CtrlNum]] Replaced by Order number or Invoice number
[[TYPE]] Replaced by “Order” or “Invoice”

Updated  5335 In the print group you can now specify if the report is to be e-mailed instead of printed. If it is e-mailed the e-mail will use the signature named “PRINTGROUP”. The signature must be set up under the user’s signnature settings.The print group reports are now based on logged in user and not a system wide setting. This means that the first time a user opens the order form after the update they will need to set the print group reports.
Updated  5336 Print grooups are now configure per user rather than as a company wide setting.
Fixed  5337 The data import utility now imports blended kits correctly.
Added  5326 New feature for multi-package order shipping. By holding the SHIFT ket while clicking on the ship button from within an order a new window will pop up allow the definition of multiple packages to be passed the ShipRush when shipping an order. Click here to watch a training video on this new feature.
Version 9


Fixed  5325 Fixed the issue which caused the blind ship warning to pop on every order when using the Quick Ship option.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv65 ***

Fixed  5313 Fixed the issue which caused an error when processing a credit card on an order which had a P.O. number exactly 17 characters long.
Fixed  5317 Pricing levels now sort by name on the customer screen.
Fixed  5319 The report Customer Statement Summary now respects the “As of Date” when calculating past due if you change the business date. Therfore the system now calculates the days past due correctly no matter where you run the report from.
Fixed  5322 The A/P Email address is no longer truncated when it contains more than 50 characters.
Fixed  Reports

Fixed the following reports so that they will show the line item retail price even after a previous line item with 0.00 retail price.

  • Invoice Detail Specs
  • Invoice Detail
  • Invoice
  • Invoice – 3 Furnish Copies
Updated  5314 Modified the audit trail form to set the defaults to “Any Part of Field” and Transaction ID for the “in” field.
Updated  5323 When posting or batch posting the system will now properly use the business date and not today’s date for the date posted.
Added  5316 There is now a new way to enter multiple packages on an order for shipping. By holding the SHIFT key while cliking on the SHIP button from within and order, you will now be presented with a dialog box into which you can enter the number of boxes on the shipment. This will creat the multiple boxes within the ShipRush interface automatically including the reference number for each package.
Added  5321 A new popup box will be presented when an order which is configured as a blind ship has a billing and shipping address which are exactly the same. The prompt will ask if you whsh to continue with a shipping address which matches the billing address for the blind ship option. A Yes/No response is required.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv64 ***

Fixed  5311 Fixed issue where in some cases the customer’s database is missing a field in the web import setup table.
Fixed  Reports

Fixed the following reports:

  • Sales Total By Item No Report – Fixed totals when selling by multiple UOM
  • Shipment Tracking Report – Fixed Date Sort/Filter
Fixed  5309 Fixed two datatables that were not properly disposed of to better optimize system memory usage.
Updated  5307 The onscreen display of items within an order are now sorted by the intLineNo to match the workorder report.
Added  5310 Added a Credit Hold Notice when Duplicating Orders or Invoices when a customer is on credit hold. A yes or no dialog box will now pop up if the customer is on credit hold and you attempt to duplicate and order or an invoice.
Added  5306 Added the ability to use names for the pricing levels instead of just the default numbers. To edit the pricing level names go to System –> Company Preferences –> Inventory Tab –> and the click the Pricing Lvl Names button.


Fixed  N/A Fixed the error “vyu_APUndeposited stored proc does not belong to database…”. This error occured when adding undeposited funds to a deposit.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv63 ***

Updated  5295 If there is no email address associated with the invoice, the error given during batch posting now contains invoice number.
Updated  5297 In the ShipRush interface, the reference 1 field has been changed from Order No: OE-XXXX / PO# abc to Order#: OE-XXXX / PO# abc. Updated the ShipRush interface to populate reference fields 2 and 3 for use in the automated email notification during shipping. Reference 2 is now the PO number with no leading text and Reference 3 is now the Order Number with no leading text.
Updated  5298 Added 2 fields to table tblARShipment. dtmShipDate as a date field for the shipping date and strShipVia contains the ship via data from the invoice table. The new fields will only be populated for shipments made after this update.
Updated  5301 Updated the customer receive payment to allow the sending of a receipt to the customer which will show the total payment and the amount applied to each invoice.
Added  5299 Added new inventory analysis table to speed up display of inventory analysis data. The first time the Analysis tab is clicked there will be a delay before display is rendered while the new table is populated. In our test data from the years 2013 – 2020 with about 15,000 units shipped from the one sku, the screen rendering time dropped from 35 seconds to 1.4 seconds.
Fixed  5302 When scanning a letter sized page into the attachements tab, the entire page is now captured.
Fixed  5303 When editing an order the Notes are no longer being truncated to 77 characters.
Added  NEW REPORT Added new Shipment Tracking Report. This report provides a Listing of shipped invoices and their tracking numbers for any given time period. This report can be found in the Report Manager under the Sales Order report section.


Updated  803 Improved the information message when creating a Back Order from an order rather than from an invoice.
Fixed  980 Corrected the error causing a backorder notice to be displayed when the available quantity was equal to the allocated quantity. Now if the check box “Display a message warning if the quantity Available is zero” is checked and you process an order to an invoice causing the quantity left available to be exactly 0 you will not see the warning. You will only see it if the check box is checked and the quantity available would be less than 0.
Added  3089 The Corel file listed in the “All items template path” on the Setup tab of an Inventory item. The CorelDraw file will now be added to the typesetting when you either create a new CDR file (manual typesetting) or when you AutoSet an item. **This change only works on CorelDraw X7 and above.
Fixed  5292 Fixed Object Reference error when closing CRM customer notes after having deleted a contact note.
Fixed  5293 Credit card tokens are no longer lost when changing a customer ID.


Fixed  5288 Hitting the enter key now properly opens the record when only one record is returned in a customer search.
Fixed  5289 The Filter Mode setting now properly saves under the user preferenses sytem tab.
Updated  5290 CRM > Customer Notes now also shows the customer’s contact notes.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv62 ***

Fixed  4214/5284 The Orders Search Screen now works properly in the “Company” field when “Any Part of Field” is chosen as the search matching critera.
Fixed  4255 Fixed the out of balance error when discounting was applied to line item 2 of a Bill.
Fixed  4265 When shipping a combined invoice the added orders are now updated on the website if they are from a CVW web-order. This applies to both manually added and ShipRush added tracking numbers.
Fixed  5285 During order import via the Data Import Utility, empty categories are now skipped and new records will not be created in the category or inventory category tables.
Updated  4264 Increased Order Status field to allow for status of “Ready For Pickup”.
Added  4244 Added and SCAN button to the attachement tabs. This allows direct scanning into CVO without having to scan from an other appliocation and physically save a file to your computer.
Added  5279 Added the ability to perform inventory adjustments on items with a status of “Phase Out”.
Added  5281 Added the ability to manually add a tracking number to an invoice.
Added  5282 Added the ability to send notification e-mail for blind ship orders thru ShipRush. There is a system wide setting to turn this feature on / off. It can be found under System > Company Preferences > Add-Ons Tab and then “Send Notification on Blind Ship items” checkbox.
If this check box IS checked a notification e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address on the order / Invoice.
If it is NOT checked the system will act as it did before the update and not send the notification e-mail.
Fixed  5280 For inventory items set up with pricing levels a “Fixed Dollar Amount” discount level will no longer be updated when you change the item cost.
Updated  5286 When converting an order to a purchase order, First and Last name now copy over to shipping address.
Updated  n/a

Updated Dashboard Queries

  • Fixed wrong parentheses on Daily Sales Totals
  • Fixed wrong parentheses on Daily Sales Totals (Chart)
  • Fixed Top Customers by adding current year to limit the data returned

Added fields to the criteria for the following Report Data Sources

  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5160
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5260
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5097
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 4145
  • Customer Mailing Labels Deluxe 2
  • Customer Mailing Labels Deluxe 3
  • Sales By Item No. now Accomodates units of measure

Update the following report layouts

  • Order Packing Slip [Fixed wording on footer]
  • Purchase Orders [added report name to footer and added additional info field]
  • Purchase Order Detail [added report name to footer and added additional info field]
  • Purchase Order Description [added report name to footer and added additional info field]
  • Multi-Purpose Purchase Order [added report name to footer and added additional info field]
  • Multi-Purpose Purchase Order Detail [added report name to footer and added additional info field]

Added a new report named Purchase Order – Outstanding Only. This report will print a purchase order which will only show items on that PO which have not yet been received.


Updated  4230 Rebuilt Checkuser.exe to work with .NET framework updates 4.5 and higher.
Fixed  4257 After ShipRush Ghost Order no longer appears on screen with multi-monitor option turned on.
Updated  4258 Updated web import routines to handle the google chrome security update that forces everything to SSL.
Updated  4259 Updated Autoset to handle website redirects to HTTPS://.
Updated  4261 Updated multiple communications functions to handle SSL in CVW based sites. This can include importing orders, updating tracking numbers, marking an order as imported using the Utilities, Sending purchase orders directly to vendors, doing a mass product pricing updates of CVW sites
Fixed  4260 Fixed the issue where after updating the Websites in the import site settings window, hitting the save button showed “No Modifications made”.
Fixed  4262 Fixed the issue which prevented a user from deleting a ShipRush tracking number when in multi-monitor mode.
Updated  4263 Now displaying more information when the credit card payment button fails to Initialize the Payment.
Fixed  4266 Fixed the issue causing inventory items to get multiple 2nd categories assigned to it when importing an order with the DataUtility.exe in PRO Edition.
Fixed  4267 Fixed the issue causing the tblARSalesTaxDetail table to have duplicate records after importing orders with the data utility.
Fixed  4268 If UserID (Username) is over ten char long the user can now process credit cards.
Fixed  4269 Fixed the issue which prevented opening an invoice after adding a product with a negative sales price.
Fixed  4271 When importing an order with the DataUtility.exe the Categories table can no longer get duplicate categories added to it. This was related to item 4266
Updated  4272 Added a default shipping method for imported orders. This should only be applied if there is no shipping method on the imported order. This applies primarily for punchout orders.
Fixed  5278 On the vendors form the general notes section now accepts the carriage return key without losing focus.


Fixed  4258 Added code to handle the google chrome security update that forces everything to SSL. This will also fix the issue where CVW was not updating shiping information on CVW web sites
Fixed  4259 .
Fixed  4260 .


Fixed  4259 Updated TLS connection to allow AutoSet to work for imported CVW orders.


Updated  4251 & 4253 USPS Medial Mail is now a valid option in SHipRush mapping in the Ship Via configuration screen. We also re-sized the ShipVia window to allow for easier use and viewing
Updated  4176 Users can now delete an Invoice IF the payment was made on the Order, or imported from CVW with a payment.
Updated  4242 CVO now changes the word “Tax” in the order footer to “Manual Tax” and changes the color of the text to Red when tax has been added or updated manually rather than calculated. To enter the manual tax mode, double click on the tax amount field in the order footer.
Updated  4247 ModifCVO to put the custoerm PO # in the shipping reference 2 field of the ShipRush integration.
Updated  4254 CVO will now allow the posting of a zero difference inventory adjustment. The user will be asked if he wants to post the 0 difference adjustment. The default is No.
Fixed  4243 Fixed memory leak during unpost payment function.
Fixed  4245 Now able to properly delete units of measure from inventory items.
Fixed  4246 When creating a PO from an order, the order’s shipping method no longer overrides the vendor shipping method on the PO.
Fixed  4249 Flex Items now properly import the PDF files.
Version 8


Fixed  4238 Credit card tokens are no longer lost when changing a customer ID in the the customer form.
Fixed  4239 Fixed the issue causing an error to be thown when adding / deleting an attachment to a an item other than an order or invoice.
Fixed  4241 CVO no long jumps to the Fields tab when leaving the E-mail Address or Domain located on the Details tab in the Customer form.


Added  4231 Added Ship to State on orders search screen. If the new field does not show up, you will have to open the search setting while searching for an order by clicking on the <settings button. On the setting screen press the reset button in the bottom left corner. Open the settings screen again. You will now have the new Ship to State field available to you.
Updated  4235 When creating an Purchase Order export file for Trodat OM, the export file is now in the same sort order as the printed version of the PO.
Fixed  4233 PO Import from Excel now works with blended kits.
Fixed  4236 Fixed the issue causing incorrect prices in CVO when importing kit items from CVW containing features with “CVO SKU (for Kits)” and the CVO system is set to NOT override the web price. When importing a kitted item from a CVW system and in CVO the site is NOT set to override the web prices, CVO will now add the component (the feature items SKU ) with a $0.00 price. If CVO is set to override the CVW price then there will be no change.
Fixed  4237 Fixed the issue where on workstations with older operating systems a connection could not be established to a secure CVO site. CVO is now forcing the older OS to connect using TLS1.2 protocol. This should allow the computer to connect and import orders over HTTPS.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv61 ***

Added  4200 Added the ability to send PO requests to Xstamper’s soon to be released Partner Ordering site, with just a click of a button. This new feature can be found under the Tools button on a purchase order..
Added  4203 Added ability for an administrator to kick users off when doing an update that requires a Database update. This is useful when a user has forgotten to log off and is not available to do so.
Added  4216 Added a new Reorder Qty field to the inventory item form on the “Stock” tab. This optional field value will display on the Inventory Reorder Point report to indicate the quantity to order when placing a PO to your vendor.
Added  4229 Purchase order now has the ability to upload a PO to to automatically process an order with that vendor. This is found under the Tools menu on the purchase order screen.
Updated  4221 CVO’s AutoSet will now read arced/curved text parameters directly from CVW based web sites giving more flexibility in design.
Updated  4226 We now track when someone deletes an Undeposited Receivable from the Undeposited Funds screen when creating a deposit. This information is written to the audit trail.
Updated  4227 The automatic creation of production flats has been sped up.
Updated  4209 When using the Excel file import method for a purchase order, If the xls file has a price and or a description, we now use that instead of the value form the inventory item.
Updated  4213 The Email Monitor screen now shows the total number of e-mails in the e-mail list. The number is displaed on the tab at the top of the list.
Updated  4215 The email monitor no longer uses the order notes field to indicate that the order was generated by the email monitor. A new strEmailMonitorRef field has been added for this purpose.
Updated  4219 CVO now recognizes USPS tracking numbers can now also start with a 95.
Updated  4223 CVO now recognizes USPS tracking numbers can now also start with a 70.
Updated  4224 When importing an order from the web, CVO can now recognize a unit of measure other than Each. This is done by having a colon and then the unit of measure as part of the item sku on the web site. For example: if CS unit of measure is set up in CVO to represent a Case of items, then the web SKU NRB will import as unit of measure Each (the default), whereas NRB:CS will import as a unit of measure CS, thus selling a case of sku NRB/ rather than a single unit.
Updated  4225 Added a tab on the vendor screen to show purchase Analysis, similar to what is on the Customer screen analysis tab.
Fixed  4204 Fixed the issue where the PNG file was not saving when you AutoSet via the Order. The png file now saves correctly and the record is automatically saved on successful “AutoSet”
Fixed  4205 Corrected the issue which was causing an incorrect shipping amount to print on order report when the shipping amount was changed on an impoorted order.
Fixed  4206 When editing the tax code for a customer record when an order for that customer is open on the screen, when the customer record is saved, the order will not properly update the tax code and recalculate the tax amount.
Fixed  4210 CVO will no longer crash if an imported product SKU has a quote or single quote in it. NOTE: You cannot and should never use a quote or single quote in a product SKU in either web site or CVO items.
Fixed  4211 The field size for strVendorNumbers is now the same in all system tables. This will prevent truncating which was previously happening.
Fixed  4212 If a computer workstation running the CVO email monitor crashes, other workstations will now still be able to read emails in the monitor.
Fixed  4218 Buttons on the production tab now properly respond to the mouse-over conditions.
Fixed  4220 The elipsis buttons on the Corel file paths now properly display the computer drive structures.
Fixed  4222 Corrected the issue, which on rare occasion, would cause CVO to crash if the Save form grid on major forms is checked.
Fixed  4228 When searching for a flat layout the “New button” is no longer missing on the search screen.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv60 AND .NET Framework 4.5***

Updated  917 Purchase orders and search have now been updated to use the alternate vender SKU if a PO is being created for product’s alternate vendor.
Updated  4177 When merging customer accounts, the credit card tokens are now also merged.
Updated  4183 When deleting an order form CVO the cdr, clipart, or flex file associated it are now also deleted.
Fixed  4156 The order details (tblOESalesDetail) now correctly include the retail price of components for Kit items in the dblOriginalRetailPrice field so that calculated discounts are now correct on orde reports.
Fixed  4165 Fixed the slowness in the deposit screen by only saving the search field records associated with the logged in user.
Fixed  4189 Fixed the issue which caused AutoSet to crash if a round stamp had only one line of text.
Fixed  4190 Customer’s default freight tax is now being set when a customer is created via web import.
Added  3070 Added the ability to create a PO for an inventory item from the edit inventory item screen. The new feature can be found under the Tools icon when editing an inventory item.
Added  4192 The import from Excel file now contains an additional information field whcih will be read into a Purchase Order whe using the file for importing purchase orders.
Added  4193 Added the ability to generate a file from a purchase order which can be used to import the PO into the Trodat Order manager site. This new feature can be found under the Tools button on a purchase order.
Added  4195 Added the ability to select the Bill To address information from the customer’s list of Ship To or Contacts.
Added  4197 When a web order, which has an affiliate associated with it, is imported into CVO the affiliate name will now display in the notes field of the order.
Added  4199 Added support for the latest version of SQL Server. This update requires framework 4.5. As of this update Windows XP is no longer supported.
Updated  Reports

Updated the following report Data Sources:

  • Physical Inventory Count: Added vendor ID to list
  • Sales Total By Line Items: Removed DISTINCT which was limiting to 1 sku per order even if there were multiple lines with same sku.
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5160: Fixed the issue where multiples of each label we printing.

Fixed or updated the following Reports:

  • Quote Detail: Added line item dividing lines for clarity
  • Quote: Added line item dividing lines for clarity
  • Estimate: Added line item dividing lines for clarity
  • Customer Invoice: Fixed crashing when misc item present on printing
  • Customer Invoice Detail: Fixed crashing when misc item present on printing
  • Customer Invoice Detail Specs: Fixed crashing when misc item present on printing
  • Invoice Detail Specs: Fixed crashing when misc item present on printing
  • Invoice Detail: Fixed crashing when misc item present on printing
  • Invoice: Fixed crashing when misc item present on printing


Fixed  4189 Fixed the issue where AutoSet was crashing if a one-line round stamp with a background image was typeset. Also corrected the alignment issue on same.


Updated  4168 Removed old TransSentry and Payroll integration settings from Add-ons screen.
Updated  4175 Creating a new order while on an existing order no longer carries over attachments to the new order.
Updated  4178 Updated CVW import to grab a local “EPS” version of clip art and layout images uploaded by the admin on web site layouts and recolor the eps file to match the ink color of th stamp.
Fixed  4179 Importing an order with the DataUtility.exe the inventory item is no longer getting multiple 2nd categories assinged to it.
Updated  4180 Fixed the issue causing alignment problems when the AutoSet item has only one text line plus clipart. The text line was not lined up correctly in CorelDraw X7 – 2019.
Updated  4181 Web orders with a handling charge now import handling charge into CVO and a misc line item.
Updated  4182 Fixed the issue causing the CorelDraw “Save As Version” to as x5 when it is set for 2017, 2018, or 2019.
Added  4184 Added a way to skip QA proof by adding an “Approve All” button.
Updated  4185 We now Update the line item status when the item is placed on flat.
Fixed  4186 If a CVW web site is set to carge tax on shipping, that tax is now properly imported intoCustom Vantage Office.
Updated  4187 The positioning buttons for the Corel Draw interface now work properly in Corel versions 2017 and 2019.


Updated  4160/3116 Updated to bring CorelDraw X8 into compliance with CVO version 8 code.
Updated  4158/3116 Updated to bring CorelDraw 2017 into compliance with CVO version 8 code.
Updated  4159/3116 Updated to bring CorelDraw 2018 into compliance with CVO version 8 code.
Fixed  4166 Fixed tax rate retrieval from CVW. If CVW has more than 1 tax rate setup, then the system was returning ALL tax rates instead of the individual tax rate thus causing issues with the tax totals.
Updated  4162 To avoid import failures, Billing address city name will now be truncated if over 25 characters long when importing web orders into CVO.
Added  4139 New code to cause undeposited funds window to open quickly.
Added  4147 Added new code to prevent shipping price update from shiprush to order or invoice IF shiprush is set to bill the customer’s UPS/FedEx number.
Added  4149 The Salutations field is now visible on the “Ship to” screen from both the customer and on an order or invoice.
Added  4153 Added new button for users “Your Favorite Help Topics”. This new button is on the Help > Hele and Support screen.
Added  4155 If the user edits an order that has a status of “Shipped” the system will show the warning message “This order has been Shipped! Are you sure you want to add this line item?”. The user will be given the option to proceed with the change or not.
Fixed  4154 If an order has a payment applied to it you can no longer change the customer id.
Fixed  4157 Fixed the issue causing failure to connect to sql database versions above 2008.
Fixed  4161 Fixed the issue which, on rare occasions, would cause CVO to throw an “access denied” error on exit.
Fixed  4163 CVO no longer fails to import a web order if there is an invalid character in the phone number of the web order.
Fixed  4164 All line items are now correctly associated with the correct .cdr (CorelDraw) file. This fix ONLY corrects items going forward and will not correct past orders. All past orders would need to be re-typeset to correct this issue..


***This update requires a Database update to dbv59 ***

Added  914 Added a new “Ready For Pickup” status to the order status dropdowns. Also moved the Status’s from a hard coded list to a database table (tblWFOrderStatus). This is to allow for future aditions of order statuses.
Added  3122 New field added to the Sales Order screen. The new field is labeled “Last Touched By”, and is located on the top right hand side on all order tabs. The FOB field on that screen is now back to the original use. The Last Touched By field is read only on the Order form and is set by going to the Production tab on the start menu and click “Take Order Ownership”
Added  4146 In Company preferences –> Add-Ons tab –> “Shipping and Tracking” (Add on Preferences) form. ShipRush setting tab there is a new check box “Do not update shipping charge on paid Orders / Invoices” Unchecked by default. Checking this checkbox will make the system NOT update the Freight charge on PAID orders / Invoices when you ship a package even if the “Update Freight fields with ShipRush rate box is checked. Unchecking will allow the system to update the freight charges to be what ever ShipRush returns as usual. This is only active if the “Update Freight fields with ShipRush rates” is checked.
Added  4150 Added a new field in the inventory item Setup tab. The new field is under the “Impression Area Information” section. New new “All Items Template Path” will be used for a UNC path to a Corel Draw file which will be loaded evertime that inventory item is typset or autoset. This is useful for stamps which requre a margins or cut lines template such as Xstampers, flash mounts or badge templates.
The field can be populated now but the functioality to take advantage of the new file is not yet in place but is coming soon.
Added  3043 New checkbox in customer record labeled “Not Allowed Combined Invoice”. If this box is checked you will not be allowed to combine multiple orders on to a single invoice for this customer. If unchecked you can add multiple orders to one invoice.
Updated  3131 Increased the size of the Notes field on bills to match the size of the notes field in purchaes orders. This will prevent truncated data when converting a PO receipt to a bill.
Updated  4135 *setupcharge* and *proofcharge* items from CVW based web sites will now import as “Misc” items.
Updated  4138 Added the ability to group and sort the Undeposited Funds” screen. Right click on the column headers and then choose Group By. Once grouped you can now sort within the groups making it easier to find items for deposit.
Updated  4140 On the Undeposited Funds screen, the label showing the total dollar amount of selections now also shows the number of items selected at the bottotm of the screen.

Updated the following reports and data sources.


  • Work Order: Changed to always show regular PO number & Fixed missing discounts display
  • Order Packing Slip Detail/Customization: Added “imported by” name to display on report

Data Sources

  • Customer List By State: Added Country & web site
  • Voucher Check Detail Split: Fixed the case where no name printed on check if you entered and “on-the-fly” payee
  • Voucher Check Distributed: Fixed the case where no name printed on check if you entered and “on-the-fly” payee
Fixed  3135 Payments are no longer showing up twice on the custoer form.
Fixed  3136 fixed the issue which caused (Multi Vendor) Listing to show Subtotal as still being owed and as a negative number even though fully paid.
Fixed  4144 Fixed the issue where Notes were not showing up when you choose “New with existing shipto” from an order.
Fixed  4145 Fixed the issue which was causing the average cost of assembly items, which contained non-inventory components, to grow everytime an invoice was posted. This was causing inflated costs to be posed to the general ledger. This fixes transactions going forward but will not effect past transactions. If you have out of wack historical costing you should create a general journal entry to bring your numbers back into line.
Fixed  4148 When duplicating an order with more than one customizable item, CDR files for all line items are now properly duplicated to the new order.
Fixed  4151 The QA Image on order line items now displays the correct custom artwork.
Help  HELP This release includes an updated system help file accessible by depressing the F1 key on your keyboard.


Updated  4136 Changed the Tab order on inventory screen to go from Standard Cost to Last Cost to Fixed Cost.
Added  4135 Added the ability to import *setupcharge* and *proofcharge* items from CVW based web sites.
Fixed  4134 Kit Items now import correctly from CVW based web sites.


Updated  3134 Do not allow user to add a payment to a voided invoice.
Updated  3130 Added new key to know if “Fit Text to Mount” option was used on CVW based web sites.
Fixed  3133 Fixed issue caused when web importing a Blended kit item with more than one component.


Updated  3128 Data Import Utility: Will now check each line before it adds it to the OESalesDetail table item to see if the Order Number already exists. If it does, then the system will log this information and NOT add this line item. The information logged can be found in the DataUtility.log file.
Fixed  3129 Fixed the issue where, when the “Automatically save line items when entering orders” box was checked, when changing the item qantity the courser would jump to the top row.


Fixed  3106 Email displays in the Email Monitor now properly close when an email is marked as completed.
Fixed  3107 Order notes are now appended to rather than overwritten when an order is created from the Email Monitor.
Fixed  3108 Adding additional line items to an order now correctly stays on the new line item as you tab through when the System > Company Preferences> Sales Tab “Automatically save line items when entering orders” box is checked.
Fixed  3109 Fixed the issue causing some e-mails in the Email Monitor were showing up unformatted.
Fixed  3112

Fixed the issue where making a Flat straightens curved text.The issue was that the “Autoset” functionality was adding arcs and placing them on the Master Page Guide layer. These arcs are used in the “fit the text to path” function. They are needed so that if the cdr files needs to be edited the text will stay on the path. When they are imported to the Flat file CorelDraw was not keeping them with the rest of the group, and this was the root of the problem.

We moved the Arcs to the ActivePage Guide layer when AutoSeting them and named the arcs used for this purpose to end in “ArcGuideLine” (Examples: TopArcGuideLine, InsideTopArcGuideLine, InsideBottomArcGuideLine etc.).

Now if you wish to keep the guide lines on items which you manually typeset simply name them with a name ending in “ArcGuideLine“. The Flat creation will delete them for you so they are not on the finished product!

These updates are on form this point fwd, anything AutoSetted prior to this update will NOT import correctly. These corrections are only on x7 and up.

The create flat functionality is only available on CorelDraw X7 and 2019 for now, but will be ported over to Corel version in between X7 and 2019 and up soon.

Fixed  3114 On the “Flat Layouts” button the ellipsis button at the “Save Batch File to” now properly seaches the local computer.
Fixed  3115 Fixed the issue on the Email Monitor where if 2 or more people checked at the same time it was possible the same e-mail was being read in twice.
Fixed  3118 Fixed the issue where payments made on an invoice form sometimes showed up as payments on random orders or quotes.
Fixed  3120 Corrected the issue where imported orders containing kit or blended kit items were not populating the item category or vendor ID.
Fixed  3127 Email Monitor window no longer steals focus when it check for new emails..
Updated  3097 Merge Custermers utility no pops a completed message when completed.
Updated  3105 Modified the Email Monitor screen so that the grid columns are resizable. Also if the user is set to “Save Grid Layout on Major Forms” then the system will now save / load the last layout of the email monitor grid.
Updated  3113 Added a button on the Inventory item screen’s “Setup” tab next to the Production type drop down. Click the elipsis button to update the production type for ALL line items on ALL orders which have this inventory item. The production type will be updated to the production type indicated for the particular inventory item bing edited.
Updated  3123 Made the Line Item Options screen resizable. This is the screen accessed by clicking the ellipsis next to a line item on an order.
Updated  3125 Modified the Inventory Adjustment screen so that when pressing the keybord down arrow, the cursor moves to the Item Number field of the next line.
Added  3117 Added the ability to mark a web order as Imported. Under the system –> Utilities –> Tools tab, users can now mark an order on the web from the selected site as Imported with out importing it into CVO.
Added  3121 On the “Production” tab there is a new “Take Ownership” button. This button will bring up a screen that will allow a user to type or scan an order ID and will cause the FOB field to show the username of the logged in user that scanned the item.
This will easily let anyone vieing the order to see who is currently working with that order.The use of the FOB field for this purpose is temporary. On the next database update this information will be moved to a new field as its permanent location.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv58 ***
Updated  829

Added Production Workflow Phase 1 and eliminated payroll support. There will be no further updates to the payroll tax DLL’s.
Production Workflow Phase 1 initial release will only work with CorelDraw versions X7 and 2019.
Added line item statuses to the database structure.

  • Awaiting Production
  • Back Ordered
  • Complete
  • Hold
  • In-Production
  • Ready to batch
  • Ready to mount
  • Ready to Ship
  • Typesetting

Added Production Types below plus the ability to define custom production types.

  • None
  • Engraving (Laser)
  • Engraving (Mechanical)
  • Flash Stamp
  • Laser Rubber
  • Laser Seal (delren)
  • Polymer
  • Xstamper

All new production typeset and batching features will only be supported in Corel Draw version X7 ans higher. No new functionality will be supported on CorelDraw versions prior to X7.


Updated reports and data sources.

  • Customer Contact – [Add email address and web site]
  • Work Order – [Added Imported By info, don’t hide $ on dropship, changed ship by label, fixed code for end user po printing properly]
  • Order Detail/Customization – [Added Imported By info, 2nd Day, changed ship by label, fixed code for end user po printing properly]
  • Order Detail (Cost) – [Fixed Logo Stretching, fixed code for end user po printing properly]
  • Customer Credit History – [miscellaneous changes]
  • Order Details – [fixed code for end user po printing properly]
  • Order – [fixed code for end user po printing properly]
  • Order Packing Slip – [fixed code for end user po printing properly]

Data Sources

  • Customer Contact – [Add email address and web site]
  • Customer Credit History – [Added tblARCustomer.dblCreditLimit & tblARCustomer.dblHighestBalance]
  • vyu_SMRptSalesOrder – [Added strImportedByUserID]
  • vyu_CustomerCreditHistory – [Added posted invoices true for correct current balance]


Fixed  3091 Printing multiple orders from the orders seach screen now shows correct totals on all orders.
Fixed  3052 Product admin attachments from CVW are now saved to the clipart url during import of CVW web orders.
Fixed  3075 Duplicating an order no longer duplicates the creation date.
Fixed  2041 Added Non-Clustered Index to speed up Customer Analysis tab slowness.
Fixed  2037 On web imported orders add actual name of person that imported the order in place of “web import”.
Fixed  3092 Eliminated the slowness in saving an order which has a large number of line items.
Fixed  3072 Fixed the issue which prevented the credit card entry pop-up on credit memos and negative dollar amount invoices and orders.
Fixed  3062 Fixed the issue where batch run cut lines were being added as CMYK and not RGB. They are now RGB as they should be.
Fixed  3072 Can now process new credit card from a credit memo.
Fixed  3071 Fixed the issue where periodically, when processing a credit card on an order, the order shows paid but no authorization number captured and the card did not really get charged.
Fixed  2015 No longer get an out of memory error after editing zip/postal codes table with over 70,000 records.
Fixed  3055 In Autoset for Corel Draw 2018 the jpg or png is no longer saving at 2x the height.
Fixed  3056 Fixed the issue where batch run (cdr run) cdr files are not re-coloring.
Fixed  3060 Fixed the issue where AutoSet batch runs more than 1 page, the pages 2+ were being set to 8.5 x 11 no matter what the setting is for page 1.
Fixed  3061 Line items with only 1 character in the line text are now getting imported.
Fixed  3077 If multiple orders are opened at the same time, tracking numbers on the detail tab no longer show all tracking numbners. Only the tracking number fr the appropriate order is now displayed.
Fixed  3081 E-mail monitor Column “Company” is now spelled correctly.
Fixed  3064 When importing an order the cancel date was being set to now (current date). Changed to now + 1 month.
Fixed  3092 If an order has a great many of line items it is no longer slow saving.
Fixed  3096 Fixed the issue where under rare conditions AutoSetting a round stamp system seemed to lock up. Fixed the loop which was runnning the background.
Fixed  3065 Duplicating an order no longer uses OLD Ship Date from original order on line items.
Updated  3085 Shiprush blind ship address now uses actual shipper address but still uses drop-ship name as per US postal regulation and UPS requirements.
Added   Inventory item images can now be added and viewed from within the line item options window (ellipsis button) on orders.
Added   Custom typesetting can now be viewed from within the order line item options window (ellipsis button).
Added  3051 Added suppport for CorelDraw 2018.
Added  3085 Added suppport for CorelDraw 2019.
Added  2027 On the Order form there is a new drop down combo box on the “Detail” tab under the “Other Information” group box. The field has a label of “Reason” This is where you can enter the reason for the Order. Some examples would be “remake”, “Lost in delivery” etc. This field is optional and does not need to be filled in.
Added  3042 Added the ability to save cdr file from autoset as AI file. This is only available on Corel Draw X7 and higher.
Added  829 Added new production flow tracking core. Will get input from CVO users as to next steps.
Added  3063 Added the Production to the “Default Workflow” drop down under User Preferences.
Added  3074 Added a new Statistics tab to the order import screen shoing how many orders are available, imported, shipped etc. from the CVW based web sites in the import settings.
Added  3073 Added the ability for Quantity to have 3 decimal places.
Added  3078 Added more information to the merge customer utility as to how many open orders will be merged.
Added  3079 Added a way to track who shipped an order or invoice.
Added  3094 Add new Indices to database to help speed things up.
Added  3088 Added the ability to view the typeset image to the line item options page. Now you can see the tyset impression image without having to print a report.
Added  3087 Added the ability to have a local image (Photo) of products for inventory items.
Added  3093 When importing an order from the web show better reason for import fail.
Added  3090 Added Production Type to needed forms.
Added  3080 Added the ability to void an order as long as the $$ due is 0. even if there was a CC charge and a reversal.
Version 7


Fixed  2042 When importing an order from a CVW based web site the Ship to address now has the correct Sales Tax Code.
Fixed  2033 Fixed the issue where order changes sush as Ship Date were not being saved if order notes were also changed.
Updated  2031 Voided web orders are now being marked as imported, so they don’t display after every import.
Updated  2040 Changed Label in Customer Record from UPS to UPS / FedEx for customer’s shipping account number.
Updated  2030 Web order are now marked as PAID when an order is shipped through the CVO/ShipRush integration. This allows web orders to properly clear payment card information on the normal cycle.
Updated  2043 When shipping from an Invoice via the ShipRush interface, the web order is now updating the status on the web site.
Updated  2032 Added an entry to the audit trail when someone makes an edit to the notes on an order.
Updated  1996 When deleting a tracking number from an invoice we now clear items where the related orders had the tracking number added to them as well.


Updated  2028 Updated the internal web url for WorldPay payment finished screen.


Fixed  2029 Fixed the issue which was causing a “no image available” image to be displayed on imported orders which had generic products line items.


Added  2023 Added the ability to update product pricing from CVO to a CVW web site or multiple CVW web sites in bulk instead of one by one. This feature can be found under the system utilities.
Fixed  2026 Modified the web import system to better handle large sized orders importing. This fixes the “system out of memory” error which occured previously when trying to import very large web orders.


Fixed  2024 Fixed the issue where order would not save if a note popped up on order creation.
Updated  2020 Created a more meaningful error message when defined blended kit component item does not exist in inventory table when importing orders from web site.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv57***
Updated  2004 Updated the import from webs function to use the special tax code set up on CVW so that the code is brought into CVO when importing orders.
Added  2017 Added ability to ALWAYS use the CVO product description when importing web orders rather than the web product description. To activate this feature check the Use CVO desc checkbox on the web import settings for any particular site configuration.
Fixed  2018 Fixed the issue where notes were not saving on order open and the notes pop-up was set to show on open order/invoice.
The notes were not being saved unless something else on the order had changed.
Fixed  2019 When updating the notes on an order the notes are no longer being truncated to 76 characters.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv56***
Added  2011 Added a switch to the user settings to allow each user to set the default for the order lookup screen to either Show All or Show Open orders.
Added  2014 Added the ability to delete zip/postal codes from the Settings > Zip/Postal Codes window.
Added  2012 Added the ability to filter by column on the customer record’s history tab.
Updated  2009 Upgraded to TLS 1.2 for Credit Card processing and to ensure PCI compliance. IMPORTANT: This means that you cannot process credit cards on Windows XP computers. Windows XP does not support TLS 1.2 and is no longer supported by Microsoft.
Updated  2007 When you change the date on an order or invoice the time stamp is no longer lost.
Updated  2005 Added support for email subject line tags [TYPE]] and [[CtrlNum]] in the BATCHPOST signature subject line field.
Updated  2010 When editing a general journal entry, by modifying either the debit or credit column, the total shown as the amount out of balance no longer shows fractional pennies when it shouldn’t.


Updated  2009 We now force TLS 1.2 for credit cards processing to ensure PCI compliance for all future pci scans.
Fixed  2008 Fixed the issue where credit cards could not be processed unless they were already in a customer’s account. New credit cards can now be processed.
Fixed  2007 When you change the date on an order or invoice the time stamp is no longer lost. Correct time is now saved instead of midnight 00:00:00:000.


Added  954 On Orders look up screen, changed results window to only show open/pending orders. Added new button to show all orders. By default the search results WILL ONLY SHOW OPEN ORDERS. To find orders which have a status other than pending or in process you must click on the “Show All” button. To return to showing only open orders click the button again.
The new button toggles between showing all orders and showing only open orders.
Updated  2002 Find line items no longer shows duplicate order numbers if more then one line item on a given order falls within the search criteria.
Updated  812 Added new “Open Displayed” button, visibile only when displaying the result of a “Find Line Item” search, which will open all of the orders returned by the search.
Fixed  2003 Fixed the issue where paying with Vantiv/WorldPay sometimes system shows a payment in CVO when it did not go through.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv55***
Updated  n/a

Updated the following reports:

  • Order Detail/Customization: Fixed phone number display. Trim if extension present
  • A/R Aging Summary: Fixed phone number display. Trim if extension present
  • Order Packing Slip: Removed “Blind Ship” label
  • Sales Tax Liability: Fixed total with tax field at bottom and corrrected calculation
  • Minor updates to the Order Details, Order Acknowledgment, Order Description, Order, Work Order, Order Packing Slip Detail/Customization, Invoice Detail Specs, Customer Invoice Detail Specs, Invoice Detail, Customer Invoice Detail, Invoice and Customer Invoice reports.
Updated  n/a Updated the Inventory Value On Hand record source to add category and status to the criteria filter
Added  810 Changed the CorelDraw version to be user based. Also added a global Corel Draw “Save To Version”, so all Corel files generated by Autoset will be saved as this version regardless of the user version.
Added  976 We now update tracking info on orders which were shipped in a combined manor from an invoice. Now when opening an order, we can see the shipping information without having to pop over to the invoice.
Added  1993 When updating the tracking number of a closed order, if there is a matching invoice for the order, we now prompt the user to see if a shipment tracking record for the invoice should also be created.
Added  1997 Added the ability to Autoset flex items from imported web orders.
Updated  1994 Added Audit trail recording when someone hits one of the “Add Payment” buttons on an order or invoice.
Fixed  1988 CRM tasks/scheduling now properly pops notifications.
Fixed  1995 .
Fixed   Fixed the issue wher in some instances when viewing an order or invoice’s Order History orders were showing up twice.
Fixed  1996 When deleting a tracking number from an invoice we now clean out items where the related orders had the tracking number added to them as well.
Fixed  1998 Cloning a security user now clones their Corel settings to the new user.
Fixed  1999 When adding a manual tracking number the date box now validates that the entry is a valid date.
Updated  2000 Data Import Utility – Allow data import utility to import Blended kits from CSV file provied that the blended kit has only included (fixed, non-optional) component items.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv54***
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Updated  1975 When importing orders into CVO from a CVW based web site, we no longer import products if the matching product sku is marked as discontinued. We use the same logic currently in place when the sku is not found and skip it or flag it, etc., based on configuration settings.
Updated  1978 We now properly show cost for items imported from web orders.
Updated  1980 Added to audit trail to show when a payment was deleted.
Fixed  983 Fixed the issue where one could not print orders with Misc products on it.
Fixed  1983 When duplicating a paid bill the new bill is no longer marked as paid.
Fixed  1984 Frieght amount is now being properly carried from Purchase Receipts to Bills.
Fixed  1992 Customer Merge routine no longer crashes if customer name contains an apostrophe.
Added  1991 Added a field to the tblOESales table strImportedByUserID. This field is ONLY updated when an order is imported. at this point it is not exposed on the order screen. This field will need to be added to a report if any one wants to see it.
Added  1990 Modifed CVO so that shipment tracking numbers can be entered on an order even after the order is marked complete. Additionally, if there is a matching invoice for the order, prompt the user to see if a shipment tracking record for the invoice should also be created.
Added  1982 Added ability to have 2 Vantiv/WorldPay accounts for multi-country setups.
Added  1987 Added the ability to create a template customer such that when a new customer was created in CVO as the result of an import from CVWeb, it would use the template to create the customer shell. Some of the things we were thinking about including setting their terms to Credit Card, shipping method to Best Way, default discount to x%, etc.
Updated  Payroll

Payroll Updates.

  • New Federal Withholding Tables.
  • Mississippi 2018 table update
  • Pennsylvania local rates updated
  • Rhode Island SDI corrected from 1.2% to 1.1%
  • Missouri has issued interim tables for 2018.
  • Oregon has issued new tables.
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Updated  973 Added ability to add attachments to completed Orders.
Updated  974 Added audit log entry for add and delete attachments.
Fixed  975 When deleting a shipment from an order the ship button now re-activates.
Fixed  978 Fixed the issue where an order with a PO number containing an ampersand (&) CVO no longer thows an error during Vantiv credit card payment.
Fixed  979 When doing a search for Additional info field, no longer has to be an exact match. Will now work properly
Fixed  981 When using QuickShip web site orders now properly update the web site.
Updated  Payroll

Payroll Updates:

  • Illinois 2018 table update
  • 2018 California SDI changed from .009 to .01 percent
  • New Federal Withholding Tables. IRS says use as soon as you can but must by Feb 15. We use the new tables for any calculation date on/after January 12, 2018
  • Mississippi 2018 table update
  • Pennsylvania local rates updated
  • Rhode Island SDI corrected from 1.2% to 1.1%
  • Medicare is updated to 2018 contribution maximum
  • Canada tables updated
  • SDI tables updated
  • SUI maximum salary updated
  • New York Yonkers now uses the element ‘resident’ in LOCAL_WITHHOLDING_STRUC. The two options are LOCAL_RESIDENT OR LOCAL_NONRESIDENT
  • New York state now supports employee contribution to family leave insurance. File famleave.h has been modified to rename an existing unused element as special_1 which in the case of New York is pay periods per year.
  • Updated tables for California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina
Version 6


Fixed  971 Fixed the issue causing a crash after shipping a non-imported order.

***This update requires a Database update to dbv53***

Fixed  960 The ship date no longer changes back to “” when you modify an order.
Fixed  962 Modified the balance sheet data sources so that voided check transactions no longer cause invalid numbers to be on the balance sheet.
Updated  963 Added code that should now save the masked CC number to the table so that the last 4 of the credit card will show in the payments sub-report on orders and invoices.
Added  964 Added the ability to filter on a customer id when doing a line item search.
Updated  965 Made the additional info field read-only instead of disabled so that one can still copy text out of the window on completed orders.
Updated  967 Memory optimization do to make large reports more stable.
Fixed  968 When updating the notes on a completed order the notes are no longer being truncated to 76 characters.
Updated  969 When voiding a shipment through CVO, the tblOESalesDetail.dblQtyShipped field is now being set back to 0.
Added  970 when importing orders from CV Web into CVO, we now set the order status to “On Hold” if the order is for a customer that is on credit hold in CVO. A message will appear in the status area of the CVO import window that lets the user know when an order was imported for a customer that is on hold.

The following reports have been updated to make notes easier to read:

  • Order Detail/Customization. (also added flag for “ready to pickup”)
  • Order
  • Order Details
  • Order Packing Slip Detail/Customization
  • Work Order
  • Invoice
  • Invoice Detail Specs


Fixed  961 Fixed the issue causing the value of the strUserCreated field to be made the same for all orders whenever an order or invoice was duplicated. If your data has been adversely affected, you must restore the OESales table strUserCreated field from a backup. If you have a backup but do not know how to restore only the one field, please contact technical support.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv52***
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Fixed  923 If the User enters a ‘ (single quote) in the “Text/Copy” field tduring a line item search, the system no longer errors.
Updated  927 Sped up the creation of batch production runs when there are multiple pages.
Fixed  942 Voiding a credit card charge from an invoice now works properly.
Updated  944 When duplicating an order, the strUserCreated field is now populated with the user who duplicated the order.
Updated  945 Added a check for email address field before sending email. This means that if you’re missing an email address, the content of the email is no longer cleared.
Updated  946 On invoice creation, the system only pops up the “select orders” dialog box if orders for that customer exist.
Fixed  947 (Data Import Utility) Notes from the inventory table now properly register when using the “GetNotes” cmd.
Updated  948 Added a pop-up message to inform user if an order being combined onto an invoice has a shipping amount on the order.
Updated  949 Changed ShipRush USPS to use ShipRush Discount Postage.
Updated  950 Notes now properly save on orders when auto display notes is active.
Updated  955 Added Email (strEmail field) to the Data Import Utility for orders.
Updated  956 Now adding web import action to the audit trail.
Added  957 During order import, we now import the sales rep info from CVW.
Fixed  958 If one deletes an invoice containing a blended kit, we now properly update component commited levels.

Updated the following reports:

  • Customer Statement Summary [Move remit to address down for window envelope]
  • Sub Tracking Number [Now handles manual shipment tracking numbers]
  • A/R Aging Summary [added phone numbers]
  • Purchase Order Detail [added qty recieved]
  • Order Acknowledgment [Add Ship Date]
  • Order Detail/Customization, Order Details, Order Shipping Detail, Order Description, Order, Work Order, Order Packing Slip Detail/Customization, Invoice Detail Specs, Invoice Detail, Invoice, Invoice Detail (By Bin), Invoice Description and Invoice – 3 Furnish Copies [Now handles manual shipment tracking numbers]
  • Work Order [Made notes/messages easier to read]

Updated the following Data Sources

  • Sales Tax Liability
  • Payment type
  • Quote [Add sales rep name and phone]
  • Orders Open [Look at sales rep from order instead of from customer]
  • Receivables Aging Totals [Added phone number]


Fixed  923 The system will no longer crash if the User enters a ‘ (single quote) in the “Text/Copy” field then hits the search button.
Fixed  925 Corrected the issue where no billing or shipping addresses show up on new orders.
Updated  926 If using the “display Phone/Fax Number” on order, the numbers are now properly formatted.
Updated  930 Voided web orders are no longer imported into CVO.
Updated  931 Added an ellipsis button on the order and invoice ship date fields to choose “today”.
Updated  932 When importing orders the dblAmountDue field is now updated. (Data Import Utility)
Updated  933 Data Import Utility order import now properly uses and order number instead of an invoice number when using the auto-populate order number option.
Updated  934 Data Import Utility now allows import of data into the order message field (strMessage, row 136) when importing sales orders.
Updated  935 Importing web orders from CVW which were paid using the Vantiv payment integration, will now import he payment token into CVO for future use.
Updated  936 Added a GetDate function to Data Import Utility so we don’t have to select a data manually.
Updated  937 Category field can now be populated from the category field of the Inventory item. Enter “GetCategory” in the Default Value filed to have the system lookup the correct category for the line item.
Updated  938 Added a field for the order general notes in the Data Import Utility so that notes for the order can be imported.
Updated  939 When importing orders, the Data Import Utility now loads the dblOriginalSalesPrice field data.
User can now enter GetSalesPrice, GetRetailPrice, amd GetMSRPrice to have the importer lookup and use these values to fill in the dblOriginalSalesPrice, dblOriginalRetailPrice , dblOriginalMSRPPrice fields
Updated  940 Increased the size of the Additional info box on the inventory form.
Updated  941 Added access to the BIN field from the Data Import Utility.
Fixed  942 Credit card void, from an invoice now works properly (Vantiv integration).
Updated  943 Add the “Ship To” phone number to the Data Import Utility.


Fixed  925 Corrected the issue where billing and shipping information was not showing on new orders.


Added  910 Added the ability to change an invoice number.
Updated  912 Added a check to make sure that if the new customer number set under company preferences is set to a number which already exists, don’t import web order.
Updated  916 Added audit trail information when someone changes the Order ID on orders, the Item numbers (sku) in inventory or the Customer ID in CRM.
Updated  920 Added the ability to change the customer number on an order and keep the original order addresses. When changing a customer number on order the user is prompted to see if he desired to NOT update adresses
Fixed  919 Batch posting now honors mapped custom reports for invoices.
Fixed  922 Clicking the print group button on orders now saves the order befor printing so that the order prints correctly.
Fixed  923 If the User enters a ‘ (single quote) in the “Text/Copy” field then hits the search button system no longer crashes.

***This update requires a Database update to dbv51***

Fixed  892 When a customer is set to use a currency other than the default local currency, the correct amount is now processed in Vantiv/Murcurypay integration.
Updated  902 Change the token frequency to read from the tblARCustomerToken. If no token then read it from the companyPref table like it used to. This update will allow CVO to receive tokens from CVW transactions.
Updated  903 Add new ability to read the payment token during the web import from CVW based web sites. Token will always be a one-time token.
Updated  904 Removed the timer from the Vantiv hosted checkout interface. This will use less memory.
Updated  905 Added the ability to allow manually entered tracking numbers to open the tracking website if the carrier is UPS, FedEx or USPS.
Updated  906 Fixed the error which prevented zero dollar amount orders from being imported from web.
Updated  909 Modified import from CVW so that pricing is NOT overridden on an order from a site marked to “CVO $ overrides Web” if the customer does not already exist in CVO.
Added  908 A notification now pops up on login if the user logging in has any recurring transactions which are due.


Added  900 Added support for CorelDraw version 2017.
Fixed  901 In some cases when opening “Batch Process Orders” users got an Out of Memory error. This was especially true on computers at the low end of the minimum system memory requirements.
The new code consumes only 10% of the original memory used. We also sped up the initial data retrieval by approximately 700%


Fixed  893 Fixed the “Out Of Memory” error which was happening when very large numbers of orders are batch processed or batch posted at the same time.
Fixed  896 Corrected the issue where When using the search form and user enters a criteria that returns no items, the user hits the backspace and enters a new search that does show items user can NOT open any items. One can now enter a new search without having to first close the search window.
Updated  898 Now after user views an e-mail from the customers form email tab the email list is not being cleared out.
Added  894

Added a button to email / print invoices based on selection from lookup window. This would function like what happens automatically during the email / print portion of the Batch Posting of invoices routine. This new function is accessed from the Invoice Search screen.

  1. Click the “invoice” icon on the start screen
  2. Select posted invoices you wish to send/print
  3. Click the Print button
  4. On the Print Drop Down menu select the “Send/Print” menu item.
Added  899 Added a method so reports can automatically refresh on a time interval. This is helpful if keeping something like the sales order report on the screen to see changes as they happen.
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Updated  841 Added new PCI compliant Vantiv credit card integration. This new integration adds security and can also be used on Custom Vantage Web, eliminating the need for fees.
Fixed  886 Corrected the issue where TranSentry pay was not processing payment from the payment edit screen.
Fixed  887 Merge customer utility now works correctly when you click the “Merge button”. The error “Public member ‘name’ on type ‘SSMBarManager’ not found” was repaired.
Added  889 Added the ability to allow a user to manually enter the ship date for manually added tracking numbers.
Updated  890 CVO does not have the ability to take a discount off of an order total, only a line item discount, so when importing a web order that uses Order total discounting discrepancies sometimes occur. In these cases the CVO order total and the CVW web total are different by pennies. This was caused by an aggregated rounding issue. CVO is now spreading the discounts so as to insure that the totals match exactly. It will now be normal to see some line items have a penny difference in the total as compared to another line item containing the same SKU and discount. This eliminates the problem where imported web orders showed and over or under payment of a few cents.
Updated  891 Added code to address PO numbers longer than 16 characters when processing a credit card via Vantiv integration.
Updated  Payroll

Withholding32 2017.03 Update

  • 2017 District of Columbia
  • 2017 Colorado
  • Indiana was incorrectly using 2016 tables.
    Withholding changed from 3.3% to 3.23% January 1 and this has been corrected.
    There also have been county updates including all non-resident
  • Canada bonus calculation fixed
  • Alaska – corrected to new 2017 sdi rate
***This update requires a Database update to dbv50***
Fixed  878 When creating new company the Conversion from type “DBNull” to type “Decimal” is not valid error no longer appears.
Fixed  879 dblOriginalRetailPrice is now storing correctly for kits.
Updated  881 The ShipRush email flag is now set to NOT send an email if the order being shipped is set to Ship Blind.
Updated  877 If the Hide drop down on key press is selected “User Preference –> System Tab” the customer id box does not lookup but instead allows one to simply type in the customer id number.
Added  882

Importing orders from CVW will now use the External Product ID from the site if available. The order of precedence for item SKU is now:

  1. External Product ID (ExternalProductID). Maintains web product description
  2. Modified Product SKU (SSWDISPLAYSKU)
  3. Product SKU (LineItem.ProductID)
Added  885 Added code to indicate that an attached XML file in the email monitor is from uTypia. This change only affects the email monitor sub-system.
Added  841 Added support for new Vantiv PCI compliant credit card processing using hosted checkout. This will allow you to have the same provider account for both web (CVW) and CVO processing.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv49***
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Added  854 For non-ShipRush shipping methods, one can now manually add a tracking number to an order/invoice.
Added  857 Added the ability to automatically add freight price to an order, invoice, quote, etc. based on shipping method. The Ship Via form has been updated to allow an entry for the price to charge for freight based upon the shipping method selected. The default is zero. When changing the shipping method from within an order, invoice, quote, etc. the freight charge will be overwritten/updated base don the shipping method chosen. This includes customer’s default shipping method will now have a price associated with it because it will have a value in the ship via form.
Added   New A/P report A/P By Vendor.
Updated  Payroll

2017 Payroll Table Updates:

  • US withholding, FICA, Medicare
  • Canada Federal and provinces
  • state sui wage limits
  • state sdi wage limits
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Indiana Local Update
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • New York including Yonkers
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio local update
  • Oklahoma
  • Puerto Rico (note: interface in wh32.h changed)
  • South Carolina
  • Vermont
  • District of Columbia
  • Colorado
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon



***** Updated Reports *****

  • Work Order [Retail price now shows even on blind ship. report intended for In House use only]
  • Invoice Detail Specs [Remove line detail with customization. This is available on the Invoice Detail report]
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5160 [Fixed margins between labels]
  • Ship Via [Now shows the prices associate with the shipping method.]

***** Update Report Data Sources *****

  • Sales Total By Item Category [Add Uncategorized] (Sales Totals by Product Category report, Inventory Section)
  • Physical Inventory [Add Warehouse and Item Type to filters]
  • Physical Inventory Count [Add Warehouse and Item Status to filters]
  • Customer Summary [Added Sales Tax Code to filters]
  • Items Sold By Category [Add Uncategorized] (affects Items Sold by Category Report, A/R section)
  • Payables Aging Detail (added Vendor Invoice Number)
  • Ship Via (Added dblShipRate field)
  • Customer List (added Invoice date filter for customers)
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5160 (added Invoice date filter for customers)
Fixed  872 Fixed the issue which caused an error when duplicating an order which contained a discontinued item and zero inventory in stock. Can no longer duplicate an order when the above is true.
Fixed  873 Fixed the issue where impression images were not printing on Work Order Reports for Orders that had been Duplicated
Fixed  876 Vendor Options/Buttons now work when saving a vendor. Vendors can now be modified, saved or added properly.


Fixed   Fixed communication failure with web site on using AutoSet feature.


Added  339 Added importing of kit items to CVO. This requires that feature choices in CVW contain a valid SKU or the SKU of “NONE”. A new SKU field has been added to appropriate features on CVW. Please be sure to populate same with kit component SKUs.
Fixed  874 Fixed the issue causing imported order items to all be imported as a misc. item if the Rule is set to add / use as misc. or always add as misc. and at least one product does not exist, then ALL items on that order after the MISC item are also added as misc..


Fixed  869 If the product being imported was being added as a misc. item and the domain was set to override the web price, then the import would error out and skip the order because it was attempting to get the cost for the item and it could not be found. The system no longer attempts to override the items price if the item is being added as a misc. item.
Fixed  866 Fixed the “Error in retrieving records for batch posting” for modules Credit Card Returns, Credit Card Charges, Vendor Opening Balances, Vendor Opening Credits, Vendor Prepayments, Debit Memos.
Fixed  867 Fixed the sort order in the POS order lookup to talk into account alpha numeric receipt numbers.
Updated  871 Add more of the information in the to order for CVW web imported items. Now indicating if item was designed using the wizard or mobile designer. This new information will be added to the “Additional Info” field displayed on the Line Item Details page. (formally Line Item Options).
This information should help you track how your customers are using your web system.
Added  868 Added support for importing new FLEX items from CVW based web sites. Flex PNG or PDF files are now imported and stored as attachments to the order. 1 attachment per product side.


Fixed  860 Dater/Logo Color label will now be hidden on Order or Work Order Reports for Items without Dater or Logo.
Fixed  862 Emails sent to customer or vendor contacts now display under the contact’s email tab.
Added  863 Added a notification on the import window to indicate if a “Misc” item was created on an imported order.
Fixed  865 When importing a web order for a domain which is configured in CVO for “CVO Price Overrides Web Price” the balance due at the bottom of Order or Work Order reports is now calculated correctly.


Updated  851 Added pop-up reminder when the user’s system is more than 2 version out of date.
Updated  852 For multi-color daters, imported from CVW sites, CVO now lists the color of the date in the description in the following format: Dater / Logo color : Red.
Updated  853 On products with SKU Modifier / Replaced SKU CVO will now show the base SKU in the additional info field.
Updated  855 If you select multiple invoices from the search screen and press the Print button, it brings up the Print dialog screen. The Email button is now hidden in this view but is still available after print to screen (preview).
Updated  850 TERMS now has a tab to allow date drive payment terms such as “due end of month”.


Fixed  847 When importing an order from web sites, if existing customer has Sales Rep associated with it, the rep is now properly associated with the order.


Updated  845 Eliminated flashing print button on lookup screens. this saves 2.2 seconds on load time.
Added  843 System now better supports Multi-Monitor mode. User Preferences > System tab check box “Allow Multi-Monitors use”. When checked it now allows the user to move child forms (like the order, invoice, customer forms) to different monitors. They are not bound to the CVO main form. If not checked (default setting) all child forms will not be able to move out of the bounds of the CVO main form.
Fixed  844 Main ship date on order will now be blank on an imported order if the check box is not checked for “import ship date” on the import setting screen.

***This update requires a Database update to bv48***

Updated  842 Changed the function of the PRINT button on the Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Purchase Receipts, Bills, etc. lookup/search screens. Now the print button will allow one to print the selected records as the actual reports. Example: If you select multiple invoices, you will actually print the selected invoice reports.
Updated  840

Additional price and data fields are now being populated for line items when performing a web imports from a CVW based web site. Fields added:

  • strCategory
  • strCommissionSource (Always “Web Agent”)
  • strCommissionSetup
  • dblStandardCost
  • strUPCCode
  • dblOriginalSalesPrice
  • dblOriginalRetailPrice
  • dblOriginalMSRPPrice

**Note: If import domain is set up to override web prices, site price original is taken from CVO dblcost.
Also trimmed leading carriage return on Detail Notes on import.

Updated  826 Added a way to NOT import the Ship date when importing web orders.There is a new switch under the import setup page labeled “Import Ship Date”
Updated  838 Increased the number of characters in the main email field from 75 to 100.
Fixed  836 Corrected the problem which caused a check written to a non-vendor to periodically print with no payee name on the check.
Fixed  828 Fixed the issue where duplicating an Order which contained a misc. item crashed during the printing process.


Fixed  815 Fixed the problem which was happening when importing new orders from CVW and the domain was set to update prices and there are pricing levels set up on the product. The error occurred even if the user does not have a level and the pricing level does not have a level -0 then the price was not being returned correctly.
Fixed  825 Fixed the issue where if a line item was deleted from an invoice which was originally created from multiple orders, the order from which the line item originated, was being reset to open. The order will now stay completed.
Fixed  831 Running Batch statements will no longer pop a message box saying “Nothing to send”.
Fixed  832 The “LIKE” criteria now works properly when printing inventory reports.
Updated  830 Reports printing criteria changes. The “Hide DropDown on Key Press” option in the user preferences system tab will now prevent the report criteria fields from doing a lookup. Instead the criteria field will simply accept whatever you type.


Fixed  823 Corrected the issue causing the System.Overflow Exception error to be thrown during displaying of invoice.
Fixed  824 When the web importer adds a new user the system was erroring out if the domain name from which the order was being imported was longer then 25 characters. This is due to update 819, which added the domain name to the Referred By field (strReferredBy). The web site’s friendly name, as set up in the import configuration is now being used for the Referred By field instead of the actual domain name.


Updated  814

Tax calculation for Ship To addresses has been updated to use the following rules:

  • If ship to has a tax code, use it. If not, use code from billing address.
  • If Ship To and Bill To addresses have no tax code assigned, use the User’s default tax code, which is also used when creating new customers.
Updated  821 The word “Inventory” is now spelled correctly on the web import settings tab.
Updated  820 In order to maintain system integrity, a nag screen will now pop every 15 seconds of inactivity if the user does NOT update when there is a database update.
Updated  818 Existing customer’s General Notes are now being added to the order during order import.
Updated  822 When importing a new web order, the order status of “Pending” is now used in place of “In Process”.
Updated  819 When a new customer is created during a web order import, the “Referred By” field in the customer record is now updated with the URL of the web site the customer was first created by.
Updated  817 Web imported orders now receive the ship date from the new fields in Custom Vantage Web found under the shipping settings in the web admin.
Fixed  815 When importing new orders from a site which is set to use CVO prices, pricing levels are now properly ignored if the user does not have a level configured.
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Updated  806 When AutoSet creates a border in CorelDraw it is now colored Black instead of red.
Updated  Payroll

Payroll Update

  • Idaho New tables for 2016. Tables were just issued at end of June and Idaho instructions say they can be used as available with no changes to previous withholding required. We use new tables effective 8/1/2016
  • Ohio General update of local taxes
  • Pennsylvania General update of local taxes
  • Kentucky County and city table update and fixed bug which could cause incorrect state supplemental withholding
  • Canada Federal update for deduction of Provincial Labor Sponsored Corporation from Federal tax effective 7/1/2016. Withhold structure changed for this
  • Canada British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador and Prince Edward Island provincial changes effective July 1, 2016.06
  • Federal FUTA All 2016 versions were returning $0 for employer FUTA amount. This has been fixed. If you store FUTA amounts with each payroll record you may have to correct these records before running your annual 940 report at the end of the year.
Added  805 Added Country of Origin to inventory items.
Added  807 Added a Print button the the inventory analysis tab of the inventory records screen.
Added  809 Added support for CorelDraw X8.
Fixed  808 The Data Utility now properly works with the current version of CVO.
Fixed  813 SKU modifiers from Custom Vantage Web now import properly for color modifiers.

***This update requires a Database update to dbv47***

Updated  N/A Removed the Volume information from Invoice Detail, Invoice Detail Specs, Customer Invoice Detail, and Customer Invoice Detail Specs reports.
Updated  v801 Added Country of Origin field to inventory table.
Fixed  v800 When importing a new customer from a CVW web site, the customer ship to records now pulls the “Sales Tax Code” and “Ship Via” from the parent customer when creating the ship to address.
Fixed  v583 When registering a new installation, the registration form is now in front of all other forms.
Fixed  v802 When adding multiple orders to an invoice dblOrigianlRetailPrice is now being updated.
Fixed  v804 When selecting the option to not include freight and tax in discounts, the discounting now properly computes the discount on the order subtotal only.


Fixed  v794 Corrected the problem which required the save button to be clicked before posting could be completed on a New Receive Payment transaction.
Fixed  v795 the dblOriginalRetailPrice field now properly contains the total retail price of a kit and all of its components.
Updated  v797 Added the ability to place the VOID button on the POS screen to the security roles so that administrators can limit users access to the POS VOID button.
Updated  v799 Added the ability to place the IMPORT WEB ORDERS button to the security roles so that administrators can limit users access to the IMPORT WEB ORDERS button.
Updated  v796 Added code to prevent multiple fiscal year periods with the same name.

***This update requires a Database update to dbv46***

Added  v561 A subject line including static text and invoice, order or quote numbers.
Added  v730 In CVW “Coupons” are not handled as a payment method and therefore will not show up as a payment when imported in to CVO. To this end we created a new payment method in CVW. This coupon style payment method (One time use Coupons or groupon like code) is treated as a payment method and the imported order shows the coupon code as a payment and marks the order as paid if the coupon value made it is paid in full.
Added  v753 Added new tab to vendor record to provide an alternate “Remit To” name and address for a vendor. If Remit To address information is filled in, checks will print with the Remit To information rather than the standard address information for the vendor. If no Remit To Company Name Or Remit To Name is entered and only an address is entered, the payee on the check will be the standard company name in the vendor record and the mailing address printed on the check will be the Remit To Address.
Updated  v775 Added a new display field to the “Item Purchase History” Tab of the customer record. The New field is “Price Per Unit” and is the price for one unit sold. These numbers will only be different if there is a discount applied to the line item.
Updated  v503 When an order has a shipping method which is not tied to a ShipRush method, clicking “Ship” button will now change the status of the order to shipped.
Updated  v783 On the customer record there is now a NOTES field for a stored credit card. This allows one to make notes which will make it easier to select a particular customer card for payment when multiple cards are stored in the customer record. Notes are added under the Detail tab.
Updated  v780 If the Order / Invoice Description field is long enough the description field display box will now show scroll bars, making it easier to move through long descriptive texts.
Updated  v786 Added Bing maps as an option to the customer address mapping feature. Choices for maps are now Bing, Google or Yahoo.
Updated  v790 When editing a customer or vendor record, the customer/vendor ID field is now set to read only to prevent the accidental modification of the ID. By clicking on the ellipsis button the ID can be edited when desired.
Updated  v788 Added an admin switch to turn on new paging feature to search windows to allow fewer records to be returned. This is important as the number of records in a database grows. When the number of records has been limited by this feature one can click on the “More” button at the top of the search window to retrieve more records. To activate this feature, uncheck the “Enabled” check box under Company Preferences > System Tab
Updated  v791 Vendor record now shows the header information (VendorID, Company, Phone, Contact, email, etc.) across all tabs.

Modified report data sources:

  • Orders Open [Added warehouse as a filter option]
  • A/P Cash Requirements [Added bill reference field]
  • Sales Totals by Customer [Added State as a criteria filter]
  • Voucher Detail [added optional remit to information]
  • Voucher Check Detail Split [added optional remit to information]
  • Voucher Check Top [added optional remit to information]
  • Voucher Check Distributed [added optional remit to information]

Modified print reports. Most of the modifications update the way discounts are calculated from the retail price for display on order and invoice reports. Also added some additional fields to be available on some reports and report criteria.

  • Invoice [calculate discount on report from RetailPrice field and QTY Shipped rather than QTY Ordered]
  • Invoice Detail Specs [QTY Shipped rather than QTY Ordered]
  • Invoice Detail [QTY Shipped rather than QTY Ordered]
  • Invoice – 3 Furnish Copies [calculate discount on report from OriginalRetailPrice field]
  • Order Detail/Customization [calculate discount on report from OriginalRetailPrice field]
  • Order Detail [calculate discount on report from OriginalRetailPrice field]
  • Order Acknowledgment [calculate discount on report from OriginalRetailPrice field]
  • Order [calculate discount on report from OriginalRetailPrice field]
  • Order Description [calculate discount on report from OriginalRetailPrice field]
  • Order (Dot Matrix) [calculate discount on report from OriginalRetailPrice field]
  • Order Detail (Cost) [adjusted width so extra blank page does not print]
  • Work Order [calculate discount on report from OriginalRetailPrice field]
  • Point Of Sales Receipt [Prevent crash in case of empty line item section]
  • Customer List By State [Added fax number to report]
Fixed  v782 Fixed the internal problem where importing orders caused the Line item’s Code field to be set to 0 not “”.
Fixed  v583 Corrected the issue where upon registering a new installation, the registration form was blocked behind the log in form.
Fixed  v761 The “Code” field on an order line item can now be properly edited.
Fixed  v789 Added vendor id check on importing line items for orders. This will eliminate the possibility of human error grabbing the wrong vendor when creating a PO for the first time.
Fixed  v792 Fixed the problem where certain fonts are being typeset with Italic when italic was not selected.
Fixed  v742 Fixed the issue where new install of CVO crashes while displaying the login screen by setting file permissions on the servers.XML file trough the installer.


Updated v740 Added the category description to the displays of categories in both the Inventory Categories screen and in the Customer Category Pricing tab in the customer record.
Updated v757 Added a display to show that the system is working when computing changes on orders with a very large number of line items.
Updated v760 The drop down for the “Code” column on an order’s line items now sorts alphanumerically.
Added v751 Added a new option under the system utilities to merge two customers together. The new feature can be found under SYSTEM > UTILITIES then the TOOLS tab. After the merger, the customer from which orders were moved will be set to inactive.
Added v766 Audit trail data was added for transactions invoked from Utilities.
Fixed v774 Fixed the error that occurred when a user adds a negative priced line item to an order with only one other line item and the price of the negative priced item is the same number value as the price of the positive priced line item. CVO was throwing a double too big or to small error.
Updated v730 Payments from the new Voucher/Coupon system in CVW will now import as a payment in CVO when importing the web orders.
Fixed v778 Ctrl + F now properly brings up the find window in orders and invoices.


Updated v743 When entering an order or invoice, the default lookup field is now back to the original of ITEM NO.


Added  v720 When importing an order from a Custom Vantage Web based web site, CVO can now be set to override the web price and use the price from CVO. This includes CVO based customer discounts for the imported product. The change requires checking the new box under the import settings labeled “CVO Price overrides Web”. This change will effect all orders for all customers imported from the indicated web site.
Fixed  v737 New customer payments can now be posted without having to click the “save” button first.
Updated   When entering an order or invoice, the default lookup field is now DESCRIPTION instead of ITEM NO.

***This update requires a Database update to dbv45***

Updated  v693 CVO will now prevent changing an inventory item from type of “Inventory Item” to a type of “Non-Inventory” if the item has any quantity in stock.
Updated  v729 When creating new customer “ship To” addresses the ship via field now defaults to the same ship via as the customer record.

***This update requires a Database update to dbv45***

Fixed  v653 Now storing fractional weights in table tblARShipment.
Fixed  v724 Special pricing Lookup Link from orders now goes to correct tab.
Updated  v726 Customer Record Discount field now supports decimals.
Updated  v725 When combing orders on to an invoice Blended Kits are now adding the components.
Added  v715 Print Multiple Reports from Order screen using the new Print Group button. This will allow you to print, as an example, an order and a picking ticket with a single button click. There is no preview on the group print button. Each report will be sent to the configured printer.In order to configure which reports print when the button is clicked, go to menu item System then choose Order Report Print Group from the bottom of the list.
Added  v727 Added shortcut to typeset item on order form. Use CTRL + mouse click on the ellipses button to jump straight to the Corel typesetting screen.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv44***
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Updated  v643 Orders which are imported from web sites now populate the strShipID field with the values stored as the ship to Id for each customer’s ship to lists.
Updated  v651 When duplicating an order, the order Notes from the original order are now carried over to the new order.
Updated  v653 In table ARShipment fields dblWeight, dblHeight, dblLength and dblWidth have been changed from integer to double to store more accurate data.
Updated  v688 Report Type for for customers imported from web sites are now set to E-Mail when the customer is first created.
Updated  v708 Add functionality to AutoSet Round daters from CVW.

Payroll Update

  • Maryland supplemental withholding calculating incorrectly (too low). This has been fixed.
  • Maryland was not adding additional withholding to local withholding. This has been fixed.
  • Pennsylvania local withholding was not adding Additional withholding. This has been fixed.
  • California: Calculations with supplemental payment and whose income was below low income limit were returning $0 for supplemental tax. This is now fixed
  • SDI, Expanded SDI Structure provides pay period element allowing more accurate calculation of SDI for Hawaii, New York. Use of the expanded SDI Structure is optional. If you don’t change your program to use it calculations remain the way they are.
  • New Jersey, Family Leave Withholding updated to return non-zero value for 2016.
  • SUI Withholding structure enlarged to support returning Employee SUI withholding. This affects Alaska and New Jersey currently. This is optional. If you do not update your program calculations will remain the way they are.
Version 5


Updated  v668 Modified web order import so that if a web order has a $0.00 total, the $0.00 amount is no longer entered as a payment.
Updated   .


Updated  v666 Modified quote number field on quote form to be read only and added a button to change quote number when required.
Updated  v665 Now adding border to round stamps when AutoSet feature is used for bordered round stamps ordered on Custom Vantage Web sites.
Updated  v657 Modified the placement of the bottom outer text on imported round stamps for better alignment.
Updated   Updated the help file.


Fixed  v654 Fixed the problem with AutoSet crashing when typesetting round stamp automatically from web site order.
Fixed  v657 Fixed the issue where the bottom arc text on round stamps was positioned incorrectly when using Corel 13, 14 or 15.
Updated  v656 Updated the password box on the login screen because the password field locked up or acted very funny when using the latest version of Windows 10.
Updated  v658 The login screen now shows the mode if in trial / evaluation mode.

***This update requires a Database update to dbv43***

Updated   Deposit Ticket Top margins are now properly adjusted for 3-perf. paper which can be found here: Deposit Tickets
Fixed  v649 If you uncheck the “Show” box for a particular warehouse in any given inventory item, the item no longer show when placing orders/invoices.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv42***
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Added  v641 Reorders on Custom Vantage Web based web sites now indicate that they are re-orders in CVO. The original web order is now referenced in the imported order.
Fixed  v644-v645 Arithmetic overflow error during posting for super large dollar amounts has been fixed. The average costing of products was being incorrectly calculated on assembly items. The number was being set to trillions. During this update the average costs will be replaced with the standard cost for all products. Average cost should calculate correctly from that point forward.

Payroll update to v 2016.04

  • Maryland supplemental withholding calculating incorrectly (too low). This has been fixed.
  • Maryland was not adding additional withholding to local withholding. This has been fixed.
  • Pennsylvania local withholding was not adding Additional withholding. This has been fixed.


***This update requires a Database update to dbv41***
Added  594 Added new Deposit Ticket which prints at the top of the perforated paper. Also added new button when printing deposit tickets to choose between top ticket and middle/center ticket.
Updated  n/a
  • Voided invoices now show VOIDED on printed invoice reports.
  • Trial Balance report now has drill down link on first account id in the list
  • Added “Retail Price” label to Quote and Quote Detail Reports even when no background color option is chosen
  • Made tax code to filter criteria list for Customer List reports
Updated  625 Increase A/P Email Address field size to 100 characters.
Updated  631 Added an Inside Sales Rep to the Detail tab of the customer form. Also moved the customer history on that tab into the sub tab group.
Updated  590 Modified the Inventory Utilities to no longer take into account Blended Kit components in the allocated/committed computations.
Fixed  611 When voiding an Invoice the units allocated is now being set correctly.
Fixed  612 Corrected the issue of: after clicking on the ellipse for Allocated, the wrong number of items showed up on the form. The form now indicated the correct allocation.
Fixed  630 When saving a customer record after editing the Custom Vantage Web email or domain linking information, the screen no longer jumps to the wrong tab.
Updated  n/a

Payroll version 2016.03.

  • Canada. Tables updated for 2016. Interface has been expanded to calculate bonus amounts. A new interface has been added to return Claim Codes.
  • US tables updated (FICA/Medicare/FUTA)
  • California tables updated
  • Illinois tables updated
  • Maine tables updated
  • Maryland tables updated
  • Minnesota tables updated
  • New Mexico tables updated
  • New York (including Yonkers and NYC) tables updated
  • North Carolina tables updated
  • Ohio local tables updated. Be sure to use API to get the new calculation numbers as they have changed.
  • Oklahoma tables updated
  • Oregon personal exemption amount changed
  • State sdi and sui limits updated
  • District of Columbia 2016 tables added
  • Kansas 2016 tables added
  • North Dakota 2016 tables added
  • Ohio School district changes
  • Vermont 2016 tables added
  • Oregon 2016 tables
  • Rhode Island 2016 tables
  • Maryland: API was always returning error code 16, though results returned were correct. fixed
  • Michigan: updates to local withholding
Fixed  v622

Leftover fractional pennies on some payments. This was a rounding issue which happened only when:

  1. Tax is being charged on freight
  2. The line item total tax is above $x.xx4
  3. The tax on the freight is above $x.xx4

The system was rounding each one prior to adding them together. Changed so we add the 2 taxes together then round them.

Updated   Automatically run inventory utilities to verify allocated and committed inventory amounts.
Updated   Miscellaneous changes in preparation for upcoming database update.
Fixed  v578 When contour lines are chosen for cut lines on the batch run, when an added cdr file contains an image only the contour lines threw an error. Will now check for this and if it is the case then will add the cut lines to the image only object and not the contour lines.
Fixed  v597 When deleting a sales rep group CVO no longer throws an Object Reference not set error.
Fixed  v599 Corrected the issue where Blended Kit main items were storing ZERO in the original sales price data field in the OESalesDetail table.
Fixed  v603 Corrected the problem where Purchase orders with blended kits stored the wrong kit components quantity.
Fixed  v604 Corrected the issue where if users click the “Find” button to open a Purchase Order or Purchase Receipt, the system does not load the associated blended kit components. This was causing the inventory to not track accurately.
Updated  v605 Rewrote AutoSet module to increase speed and efficiency. This should also help with AutoSet occasionally only grabbing a piece of one of the imported objects when there are 10 of the same item.
Updated  v560 Add new email screen to enable email to tech support in the case of a database update failure.
Updated  v578 If contour cut lines are selected when image files are batched onto a Corel draw file, we now use a standard cut line for that item.
Updated  v581 On orders and invoices, changed the ship to lookup to display all ship to addresses instead of only 300.
Fixed  v580 When changing the SKU of a line item on a purchase order, if the item is a blended kit, the components from the original item no longer remain on the order.
Fixed  v584 Error reporting module now displays the correct OS for windows 10.
Added  v577

Orders from the web which include items which are set up as Blended Kit or Kit items in CVO, can now be imported with orders provided that the following conditions are true:

  1. The blended kit item is configured with components input type as either Included – Shown or Included – Hidden
  2. The kit item is configured with components input type as either Included – Shown or Included – Hidden

It is important to note that if the kit/blended kit item has components which are set up with input types of Drop Down, Radio Button or Check Box will still import but ALL component selections will be taken and not only the choice made by the customer on the web site.

To avoid this issue and still accommodate/import products with multiple choices, set the items up as Assemblies in CVO and then use the SKU modifiers in the CVW web site to send the appropriate SKU to match the feature chose made by the customer.

Fixed  v578 When batching Corel files for a production run, if “Use contour lines for cut lines” is chosen where bitmap images are present, the page crashed. We have corrected this by using a standard cut line when a bitmap is present.

Payroll version 2015.14

  • Indiana: County update for Blackford, Greene, Hendricks, Howard, Putnam and Tipton effective Oct 1, 2015
***This update requires a Database update to dbv40***
Fixed  v523 Fixed the issue where Service items in kits/blended kit didn’t allow allocation ORDERS and INVOICES.
Fixed  v542 Corrected an issue where CorelDraw threw an exception due to scale factor.
Fixed  v546 Fixed issue with bug reports not sending.
Fixed  v558 Fixed the spacing issue in the AutoSet module where is a web customer changed the Line spacing on the stamp text, AutoSet was not using the new spacing.

Modified reports listed below to show the end user PO number if available AND the order is a blind ship order. Also now checking for blind ship on retail price.

  • Order Details
  • Order Detail/Customization
  • Order
  • Order Description

Eliminated kit detail components from commissions calculations on the following reports:

  • Salesperson Commission Detail On SubTotal
  • Sales Rep Commission Detail On Profit
  • Sales Rep Commission Summary On Paid Sub

Added Customer Code to criteria availability for the following reports:

  • Customer List
  • Customer List By State
  • Customer Contact
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5160
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5260
  • Customer Mailing Labels Deluxe 2
  • Customer Mailing Labels Deluxe 3
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5097
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 4145
  • Customer Letter
  • Customer Summary
  • Customer History Summary
  • Customer Data
Updated   Modified vyu_SMRptSalesOrder to make End User PO and Rep Order Number available on orders data sources so that those fields could be used on order reports.
Fixed  v545 Fixed rounding issue when receiving payments which was causing fractional penny balances on some accounts.

Payroll version 2015.13

  • Maine: All tables except annual were incorrect. If you are doing Maine calculations use version 2015.13.
  • Alberta, Canada: New tables effective October 1, 2015.
Updated  v535 Added warning message when changing item numbers when editing a product.
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Fixed   Fixed “Out of Memory” error on importing web orders with large files.
Fixed  v498 Corrected the Corel issue where the border was brought in at a different color than the text of a stamp.
Fixed  v536 Fixed the System.NullReferenceException – Object reference not set to an instance of an object. This error happened when a user clicked the ellipsis button for an Imported order where the import did not succeed. The CVO order number was N/A
Updated  v530 Import from CVW now brings in (attaches) customer uploaded files from the new “Use Completed Artwork” feature in Custom Vantage Web.

Payroll version 2015.12

  • Ohio: new state tables effective 8/1/2015.
  • Michigan: Unemployment Wage base lowered from $9500 to $9000 starting July 1
  • Connecticut: On Aug 8 Connecticut release new withholding tables for 2015. These must be implemented by August 31. In our tables any calculation date on/after 8/16/15 will use the new tables
  • Idaho: On July 30 Idaho released new withholding tables for 2015. There was no date set for using the new tables. In our tables any calculation date on/after 8/16/15 will use the new tables.
Updated  v525 Added support for CorelDraw versions X6 and X7.
Updated  v539 The “Typeset” button has been remove on invoices to avoid confusion.
Updated  v537 Can now change Allocated to a lesser number than the qty ordered on blended kits.
Updated  v498 Corrected the border color on daters imported from CVW the .
Updated  v540 Modified the CVW positioning and sizing controls to work with CorelDraw X7.
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Updated  v532 When an attachment is added to an order or invoice and the original file is deleted before the order/invoice has been saved, This results in the file not being saved as an attachment and the order/invoice incorrectly listing an attachment which is not there because it was never saved. Added new warning message to accommodate this and will also delete the false attachment listing. **Note: After making an attachment anywhere within CVO you should save the record BEFORE deleting the original files from your computer.

Payroll version 2015.09

  • Pennsylvania: Municipal and School changes.
  • Ohio: Municipal and School changes.
  • Canada British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador and Yukon provincial change.
  • Important Note: If you are still using version 2015.02 or earlier you should update to a later version. There was a fix to 24 pay single Federal Tables in 2015.03 which did not get described in the 2015.03 release notes.
Added  v524 Added five new admin selections to control the way CVO imported orders from CVW. This will allow one to choose what happens when imported orders contain inventory items that don’t exist in the CVO database. This will be helpful for kit/blended kit items on import. These can be found under the new Web Import from the System > Company Preferences menu.
Fixed  v527 Corrected the issue where sometimes when creating a purchase order containing blended kit, the components would default to one instead of the quantity being ordered of the blended kit.
Fixed  v528 Corrected the issue where in a PO if the user hits the “Find” button the Blended kit items do not load.
Fixed  v526 Corrected the issue where, if the “Play sound on save” setting is turned on, multiple sounds were being played under certain circumstances.
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Updated  v361/512 Service items as components of Blended Kits will now allow allocation.

Payroll version 2015.08

  • North Dakota. North Dakota just released new tables based on recent legislative changes. North Dakota says implementing these new tables is optional but we will use them for all calculations starting July 1, 2015.
  • Family Leave. We have added a new function to support New Jersey Family Leave withholding.
Updated  v361/512 Increased the Notes field size in the Purchase Orders table (tblPOPurchase) so that if an order is converted to a PO the data will not truncate when large notes are on the order.
Updated  v365 Added a user preferences checkbox to turn on or off the sound on saving a record.
Updated  v494 Added attachment present indication to vendors and to bills.
Updated  v504 Added First Name and Last Name to ship to address on invoices.
Updated  v507 When the shipping charge is entered on an order, bill or invoice, it is now rounded to 2 decimal places.
Updated  v508 Now doing cleanup of undisposed objects in the Purchasing module.
Fixed  v505 When entering an order or shipping an order, when the user selects a zip code from the lookup list, the city, state now update properly.
Fixed  v506 On an Invoice if user process to a B/O then the strCategory is now being populated properly.
Fixed  v509 System now displays the # of non-posted items from the date range to be closed when closing a year.
Added  v516 Added new field dblOriginalRetailPrice to the OESalesDetail and ARInvoiceDetail tables to store the original inventory Retail price.
Added  v517 Added new field dblOriginalMSRPPrice to the OESalesDetail and ARInvoiceDetail tables to store the original inventory MSRP price.
Added  v514 Added Original Sales Price to Data Import Utility and strCategory.
Added  v515 Added Original MSRP Price to Data Import Utility.
Fixed   Blended kits and Kits will now price out correctly and allow changes to quantity.
Updated  v491 Now we do not show voided receivables in the batch posting list.

Updated the discounting display and the logo display on the following reports.

  • Customer Statement Summary
  • Customer Statement Detail
  • Invoice
  • Invoice Detail
  • Invoice Detail (Ship From)
  • Invoice Detail Specs
  • Order Detail/Customization
  • Order Details
  • Order Acknowledgment
  • Order Description
  • Order
  • Work Order
  • Order Shipping Detail
  • Order Picking Ticket
  • Order Packing Slip
  • Customer Proof
  • Customer Proof – Response
Added  v482 A little green paper clip now appears on the attachment tab if there is an attachment on an order, invoice or Customer.
Added  v483 When a customizable line item is imported from the new Custom Vantage Web, if that item has “layout” (Finished Artwork uploaded) in place of Stamp text, we now save the uploaded item as an attachment to the order. The line item notes is also annotated that there is an attachment for the line item.
Fixed  v483 When an inventory item, having an invalid vendor id assigned to it, is on an order which is being converted to a PO, a graceful error message is now given and the order does not crash.
Fixed  v487 The error reporting system now properly reports Windows 8 OS.
Fixed  v488 AutoSetting Round stamps with no center text no longer fails and now typesets correctly.
Fixed  v485 Editing a price on a sales receipt (POS system) now works properly again.
Fixed  v489 Corrected the issue which happened when creating a Credit Memo for a blended kit item which had components for which there was insufficient stock available. The problem was that one could not add any quantity returned. The issue has been fixed.
Added  v478 When invoices do not post during the batch posting process a message box now pops up to display the reasons.
Fixed  v479 Eliminated negative stock error which appeared even when stock was available.
Added  v433 Accounts Payable contact information panel is now available under the detail tab of the customer record. If an email address is in this field, it is the A/P email address to which invoices and statements will be sent when using the batch invoice posting or the batch run statements features.
Fixed  v475 ShipRush no longer drops 2nd and 3rd address lines when it returns to CVO.
Fixed  v477 POS – Corrected the error which occurred when in the sales receipt section and you press the “.” button on the number pad. CVO no longer errors with “Conversion from string “n” to type ‘Double’ is not valid.”.
Fixed  v464 Kits with service items as components no longer fail to allocated or show no stock.
Updated  v459 Moving multiple PAID orders to invoice for shipping no longer allowed to prevent errors. Only unpaid orders can be merged into a single invoice for shipping.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv38***
Fixed  v395 The “entered by” data is now copied to data tables when converting a quote to an order or an order from backorder.
Fixed  v401 Processing a blended kit from an order to an invoice now takes the quantity shipped from allocated on kit details.
Fixed  v443 The issue where units committed was not showing correct in the inventory screen and not correct in the inventory stock total table has been corrected. This was caused by a stored procedure which was incorrectly including voided orders in the totals.
Updated  v442 We now store emails sent to contacts on vendors and customers in customer record.
Updated  v445 Added a refresh button to the Inventory item screen.
Fixed  v400 The dblOriginalSalesPrice now properly populates with the total retail kit price including the original price of the chosen components.
Fixed  v420 E-Mail Monitor system now properly continues reading e-mails if the e-mail has a cc but not a bcc.
Fixed  v381 IMIA Edition – Report Designer active status corrected.
Fixed  v402 Changing MSRP now properly updates discounted pricing for multi-level pricing customers.
Updated  v379 IMIA Edition – If there are 19 out of 20 orders taken for that day, when creating a new invoice and adding multiple existing Orders to the invoice the “Max orders reached” window no longer pops up.
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Fixed  v397 OESalesDetails field dblOriginalSalesPrice now populates with the total kit price of the kit and the components instead of only putting the kit item price.
Updated  v398 If one has a slow Internet connection, when importing orders from Stamp Shop Web which have very many line items, the connection will no longer time out.
Fixed  v387 When creating a new company when logged into an existing company using PCI compliant security, the original company password history table is no longer truncated.
Fixed  v390 Corrected error screen on creating new company finish.
Updated  v396 POS – Added new button to apply a discount to all line items uniformly. Also re-labeled the discount dollar amount field.
Updated  v392 Modified the payroll to update the Social Security Limit table automatically from the payroll every time the 941 is run.
Updated  v394 Customer special pricing now overrides any category discount.
Fixed  v389 Audible alarm now works properly for schedule activities reminder.
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Fixed  v317 Corrected the error in the New Report Designer. when clicking the File > Select Data Source option during the creation of a new report the “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value ….” error no longer appears.
Fixed  v325 When importing orders from Stamp Shop Web the proper warehouse is now used if a customer has a specific warehouse assigned.
Fixed  v330 When adding an inventory item to an order or an invoice, if the status of the item is “Phase Out”, and quantity available is zero, we now do not show the item in the selection list. If some stock is available we now properly set the qty ordered and allocated.
Fixed  v335 When sending an email campaign, customers with multiple email addresses separated by a semicolon no longer fail.
Fixed  v368 Prospect quotes no longer display in the customer quotes lookup window.
Fixed  v344 When creating a new inventory item the error message “Product ID Cannot be empty” no longer pops up before doing anything.
Fixed  v352 Components on kits are no longer being discounted before being added to the kit, and then discounted again within the kit. Components are now added to the kit first and then the total discounted.
 v370 uTypia web sites can now be deleted from the import web orders settings.
Fixed  v372 If a web site is not selected when importing web orders,and the import button is clicked the wait screen no longer pops up.
Fixed  v376 Email Campaign now properly detect duplicate email addresses.
Fixed  v375 In a bundled kit if one or more of the of the components are out of stock or just not enough stock to cover what is ordered that component an invoice will now allow the entry of the item (just like an order can do) but not ship. This will allow components to be committed.
Fixed  v373 Bundled kit now properly changes the allocated on the kit’s component if the user manually changes the allotted amount.
Fixed  v367 Payments from web orders can now be deleted..
Fixed  v374 Override Password now works properly for new Orders & Invoices when Requires PO is True.
Fixed  v386 When processing an ORDER to an INVOICE which has a kit (blended kit) item with an allocated qty which is less than the qty ordered, the components on the invoice set the shipped qty equal to the ordered qty even though that was not the case on the order. This was only true if the admin switch was set to move items from order to invoice based on quantity ordered instead of allocated. New code was added to ignore the switch in regard to kits/blended kits.
Fixed  v377 IMIA and LITE editions: User Preferences>System Tab “Show Dashboard on Startup now set properly
Fixed  v371 IMIA and LITE editions: Customer/Prospect quotes now honor version settings when attempting to be converted into Purchase Orders and viewed during process.
Fixed  v378 IMIA and LITE editions: Todays order count now updates properly.
Fixed  v382 IMIA and LITE editions: Now honor license settings for point of sale availability.
Fixed  v383 IMIA and LITE editions: Now honor license settings for Batch Process Orders and Batch Run Statements.
Updated  v343 Changed the employee default date in the date drop-down for BIRTH DATE starts in the year 1950 instead of 1900.
Updated  v366 Added a fourth lookup for customer record in matching a customer in Custom Vantage Office to Custom Vantage Web(Stamp Shop Web). When importing an order from CVW if the user, email address or domain, is not found in the web matching field in the detail tab of the customer record (strWebName database field),then look at the main email address field (strEmail database field) of the customer record to try and match the CVW Username. If that does not match then add the user.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv37***
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Fixed  v348 In a blended kit if one or more of the of the components are out of stock or just not enough stock to cover what is ordered that component is now added to the order. Zero allocation on ALL components because the kit can’t be shipped when it is short one of the components.
Fixed  v350 If the system is set to automatically receive all items when processing PO to Purchase Receipt, blended kits now properly receive components.
Fixed  v351 Blended kit components are now properly deleted from the components on order table when a PO containing a Blended kit is deleted or the blended kit is deleted from the PO.
Fixed  v346 When modifying the quantity ordered on an order any discount given on that line item will now remain.
Fixed  v315 If a POS transaction gets returned, the same original can no longer be returned multiple times.
Fixed  v332 Attachments now follow through from quote to order to invoice even when doing batch processing of orders to invoices.
Fixed  v362 The build assembly list box no longer pops up on Batch Process Orders if there are no assembly builds.
Updated  v345 If all of the components of a Blended kit at set to as Included – Hidden then the pop-up will not show when creating an order or invoice.
Updated  v354 Billing First and Last names are now available on the order lookup screens.
Updated  v355 Added an audible success confirmation to all screens.
Updated  v353 POS – Added code to NOT void an order if the payment records are not un-posted.
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
This is an unplanned release to correct a serious issue. This release has some of the Custom Vantage Office branding in place.
Fixed  v342 Corrected fractional pennies stored in the database for order and invoice totals.

Payroll version 2015.02

  • Indiana (local only)
  • North Carolina (returned to rounding to nearest dollar)
Version 4
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)

Payroll version 2015.01
All Federal tables (withholding, FICA, sui, SDI, Canada and the following states are  changed

  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana (local only)
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland (local only)
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Ohio (local only)
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Oklahoma
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
Fixed   Corrected issue with Blind Ship verification message popping up incorrectly or too many times.
Fixed   CorelDraw versions X3 and X4 now work again.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv36***
Fixed  v311 Vendor part number is now properly placed on a PO when the PO is created from and order.
Fixed  v313 Bank account listing now rounds the display to two decimal places.
Fixed  v312 Statements sent from within a customer record now saves in the email tab.
Fixed  v310 Email can now be sent multiple times without closing the form.
Fixed  v320 Email Campaign editor now works properly.
Fixed  v334 When using the bulk mailing in the CRM, Manager will now continue to send to the rest of the addresses after encountering a bad one.
Fixed  765 Inventory items with the status of Phase Out can now be sold.
Fixed  768 Duplicating an inventory item, now zeros out the average cost.
Fixed  807 Modified the inventory routines to exclude voided/cancelled orders when calculating committed inventories.
Fixed  v329 Under certain circumstances duplicated orders would not update prices on changed items. This has been corrected.
Fixed  v326 Eliminated object reference error when adding a new tax code.
Updated  825 POS – Added fields to database to track amount applied, date and change due for a POS sale.
Updated  851 Changed Stored Procedure to only pull the qty of what is needed to build an assembly to prevent inflated numbers when batch building assemblies.
Updated  v323 User preferences workflow drop down now chooses start menu tab.
Added  v321 Added a new inventory type of Blended Kit. The “Blended Kit” are items that have several components (like selections) that include multiple items numbers under each component. It will follow the components for tracking stock, will NOT modify the Blended Kit price based on the component choices. Blended kit items are ordered on a PO and a kit but received as components.
Added  v331 Added new feature to pop a message if an order is saved for a customer who is marked as Blind Ship = True and the order is not flagged as Blind Ship.
Added   Added WYSIWYG html editor to email campaigns.
Added   New Run Card Report which will print a slip for each line-item on an order. There are 3 items per page.
Added   Added new 3 inch invoice report for printing an invoice to a 3 inch receipt printer.
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Fixed  862 Prospect quotes can now be properly retrieved and the lookup no longer includes customers.
Fixed  795 Searches can now include wild cards.
Updated  791 Modified the audit trail logging to record when someone duplicates a record (order, invoice, inventory, etc.).
Updated   Withholding32 2014.10 Update – Indiana Local updates for DeKalb, Hancock, and Monroe counties.
Fixed  860 POS – Not storing tax correctly when item was a service item.
Fixed  854 Object reference error no longer thrown when editing an inventory item after opening an invoice.
Fixed  782 When voiding a shipment through an order, the order now reverts back to pending status.
Updated  857 POS – Sales receipts can now be voided.
Fixed  832 POS – Corrected the decimal position of numbers entered after the “.” on the screen keypad.
Fixed  783 Corrected the object reference error when editing a vendor from a deleted bill.
Fixed  834 POS – Correct zero dollar entry on multi-payment method payments.
Updated  835 Modified Manager to wok with Connectweb’s new internal security model for importing web site orders.
Updated  843 Prospect quotes now include db field strClass.
Updated  845 POS – Services are now not taxed.
Updated  828 POS – Now when you add a new line item, the cursor focus is on the new line item row in the description field, making it easier to edit.
Updated  829 POS – Now the Receive Payment screen will stay up until the cash drawer is closed.
Updated  830 POS – Users can no longer sort columns on the cash register screen.
Updated  831 POS – Within the cash register screen, the ENTER key now acts like the TAB key.
Fixed  826 When AutoSet is invoked on a round stamp with artwork but no text, Manager now works properly.
Updated   Changed POS SalesRecipt grid order and made it so that after you update the qty it jumps to the price field without having to hit tab again.
Updated  823 Printing the receipt in POS now opens the cash draw.
Also added a new button under the POS tools menu to pop the draw without a sale.
Updated  791 Modified the audit trail logging to log when someone duplicates
an order, invoice, inventory, etc.
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Updated  818 Changed tab order of POS interface to make entering items quicker.

Withholding32 2014.09 Update

  • Ontario – New tables effective 9/1/2014
Updated  811 Now allow tabbing through the POS line item fields after clicking on the QTY field.
Updated  812 When doing a return in POS, line items default to zero quantity allowing the easier return of only desired items from original sales receipt.
Updated  809 When saving a cash register receipt for later use, cashier can now assign a name to the receipt so it can be searched for later.
Updated  792 In the invoice and order look up screens, the Total column no longer rounds off the dollar amount, making it easier to find an invoice/order by dollar amount.
Updated  799 POS / cash register updates to allow item description modifications by POS users.
Updated  803 Allow POS to save checkout session and create a new one.
Fixed   Fixed password case sensitivity issue on POS password box.
Updated  789 Modified USPS tracking on orders and invoices to work under USPS new tracking tools URL.
***This update requires a Database update to dbv35***
(contains a payroll update so this must be run on the server)
Fixed  702 Can now print emails from customer history tab.
Fixed  623 Search for data sources no longer throws object reference error.
Fixed  642 When changing an order’s number, any associated payments now properly carry over to the new order number.
Fixed  706 You can now have 2-line addresses on the ship to field of a purchase order.
Fixed  716 When creating a new employee, miscellaneous customer emails no longer appear under the “email” tab.
Fixed  638 “Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row” error no longer happens when deleting a line item from orders or invoices.
Fixed  737 When importing stencil orders from Stamp Shop Web, the order details are now properly formatted.
Fixed  644 All “Ship To” addresses show on creation of new order regardless of how many there are.
Fixed  340 Customer search can now contain a single quote (apostrophe).
Fixed  693 If a vendor and customer share the same code, they no longer share an email history.
Fixed  588 Create PO from Order now works properly if large amount of data is in Additional Info field.
Fixed  634 Re-Wrote the delete routine to remove the report layout if it is not still in use by another report. Layouts can be used by more then one report.
Fixed  690 Eliminated object reference error on updating inventory item prices.
Fixed  643 Multi Color Daters typeset correctly when imported from web sites.
Fixed  717 Manually entering a termination date for an employee no longer resets the hire date and birth date.
Fixed  304 Stamps with background images now properly import and typeset.
Fixed  517 Sales tax is now properly computed on purchase orders, purchase receipts and bills.
Fixed  728 When converting orders to invoices and there is sales tax the dblSalesTaxrate is now carried over on converting.
Updated  468 Added customer PO field to the customer history and sales transaction history tabs in the customer record.
Updated  356 Increased Ship To Address field sizes in database from 100 to 250.
Updated  647 Increased the Notes field size from 255 to 500 in Orders and Invoices to match the notes field size in the customer record.
Updated  711 Added the Vendor Item Number to the item lookup from within a purchase order.
Updated  775 “Entered By” field data is now carried from an order to a back-order.
Updated  709 Adding multiple orders to a single invoice now takes into account varied shipping methods which may be on the individual orders.


  • Order Detail/Customization removed additional header fields for blind ship & Corrected Payment display
  • Order Details removed additional header fields for blind ship & Corrected Payment display
  • Order removed additional header fields for blind ship & Corrected Payment display
  • Order Description Corrected Payment display
  • Customer Balance Summary added company name to listing
  • Invoice modify payment section to show only payment applicable to this invoice rather than total payment when receivable payment total was applied to more that one invoice.
  • Invoice Detail Same as Invoice
  • Invoice Detail Specs Same as Invoice
  • Invoice Detail (Ship From) Same as Invoice
  • Invoice Detail (By Bin) Same as Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice Same as Invoice
  • Invoice – 3 Furnish Copies Same as Invoice